About ‘Joy in the Post’

Make your home a happy place

Hi there! I’m Prue, and I want to help you enjoy your little tribe and be a joyful parent.

Joy in the Post is a blog celebrating the joy of parenting.

I started ‘Joy in the Post’ to share my experiences about being a mum to my adorable peanut ‘Chloe’.

I’m particularly passionate about reading, cooking and playing with my little one and I hope that my ideas inspire you to enjoy time with your precious family as well.

Fun facts

Pets – We own a dog called Lulu, she is a Lagotto Romagnolo and she is very cute and exuberant.
My favourite author – Lauren Weisberger
My favourite movies  – Finding Dory, Clueless, Bring It On, The Labyrinth and Four Christmases