I’ve been wanting to try Hello Fresh for a while now, but they didn’t deliver to my area. So when I got the brochure in my mailbox to say that they delivered to my area and that the first delivery was free, I was over the moon!!

I decided that seeing as my first box was free to go all out and order the 5 classic meals for 2 people option.

What is Hello Fresh?

Hello Fresh promises to deliver “nutritionally balanced recipes based on seasonal farm fresh ingredients” to your front door every week. They have three different box options – Classic, Veggie and Family. I’m subscribed to the Classic Box for 2 people, 5 meals per week.

This review is of my second week 🙂  As I wanted to be 100% sure that I wanted to continue with Hello Fresh before paying any money, I signed up for the free box and then went into the profile area and skipped the following week. That way I had time to weigh up whether or not I wanted to pay for the service.

Hello Fresh - 27 March 2017

Favourite meal of the week: Roast Autumn Lamb with Pea & Fetta Salad. I love Sugar Snap Peas, they remind me of holidays in Adelaide as a kid. We used to get them from a green grocer in North Adelaide.

New cooking skills learnt: Surprisingly I learnt a few things when making the burger, as we made an onion jam (it was amazing!) and a cheddar crisp to go in the burger.

The meal I was least excited about: I’m not a big Hokkien Noodle fan, but this meal was actually pretty tasty. I wouldn’t make it again but I wasn’t disappointed.

How much does it cost?

  • Classic Box
    • 2 people, 3 meals = $69.95 ($11.66 per person, per meal)
    • 2 people, 5 meals = $109.95 ($11 per person, per meal)
    • 4 people, 3 meals = $124.95 ($10.41 per person, per meal)
    • 4 people, 5 meals = $189.95 ($9.50 per person, per meal)
  • Veggie Box
    • 2 people, 3 meals = $64.95 ($10.83 per person, per meal)
    • 4 people, 3 meals = $109.95 ($9.16 per person, per meal)
  • Family Box
    • 2 adults and 2-3 kids = $139.95 ($8.75 per person, per meal)

If you want to get a discount of $30 off of your first Hello Fresh box, feel free to use my referral code PRINCESSP.

Is it worth it?

For me – yes! Until I started Hello Fresh I didn’t realise how draining food planning and food shopping was on me. Especially as I wasn’t really doing any great food planning. More like a dash to the supermarket after work, when we were already hungry and we wanted something quick. So it was time consuming and we weren’t really buying the most healthy options 🙁

I also feel like I’m saving money by using Hello Fresh as it has majorly cut down on my supermarket visits. When I was visiting the grocery store every day or two I was buying a few items each time that I didn’t need. Easter eggs I’m looking at you. Those bags of mini easter eggs, just keep calling to me…

The final plus is that for a long time now I have been wanting to get better at seasonal eating, and this box uses fruit and veggies that are in season. That way I don’t have to create a menu plan that is seasonal as someone else is doing the brain work and shopping for me!

Just a quick note on who Hello Fresh is not for: if you just want to heat up a meal and go, this box is not for you. You still have to do the prep, chopping and cooking. This box has all the goodies in the right amount and the instructions but you still have to do the actual cooking 😉

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