Harvest Box is a healthy snack box that you can have delivered weekly or fortnightly. Each box has four snacks.

This week’s snacks

This week I received Berry Bazooka, Spiced Up, Power Mix and Mydetox.

I quite liked all the mixes I received this week. Berry Bazooka was my favourite, followed by Spiced Up.

Power Mix used to be my absolutely fave but I feel like the chocolate drops are different now and not as tasty.

How much does it cost?

Harvest Box costs $7.95 per box. Which works out to $1.98 per snack.

To get your first Harvest Box for half price visit  http://www.harvestbox.com.au/Reg/?coupon=MGM81337Y5K3IO

Is it worth it?

I like Harvest Box as it is easy to take my Harvest Box to work with me each week and that way I have some healthy snacks in my draw for when I need a pick-me-up.


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