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Flower Child Mystery MCN Box – November 2017 review

This was my very first fluff mail and I was super excited and a little scared to open it! Only because I’m so new to cloth nappies and I was thinking will this be good? Will it be helpful for someone on this new adventure into babies and cloth nappies?

In case you are wondering – my baby isn’t due until 21 January but I wanted to get a head start on building a cloth nappy stash. So I won’t be able to actually try these products out for a little while but it was fun to have a look and a play with the products.

The Flower Child Mystery MCN Box ships monthly from Australia to anywhere in the world on or before the 28th of each month. It took about two weeks for me to get my goodies.

First look

The Goodies

Seedling Baby Pocket NappyIcon print
RRP $34.95

This nappy is from the latest range that Seedling Baby launched in September this year.

Seedling Baby says – “There are many Aussie icons and it was very difficult to choose just a few, but we’re thrilled with the colour combination of kangaroos, koalas, dingoes and kingfishers, alongside our beautiful gum leaves, waratahs and wattles. We really wanted a hand-painted feel for this one and we think Flora did an absolutely superb job.”

The Seedling Baby Pocket nappy comes with three pieces:

  • a soft breathable waterproof outer cover
  • a bamboo prefold (Diversifold)
  • a microfibre booster.

It’s cute and reminds me a little bit of the Gum Nut Babies. I personally wouldn’t have chosen this print but I still think it’s a pretty sweet print for our baby girl and I’m happy with it.

Extra Diversifold Prefold by Seeding Baby
RRP $9.98 (these are usually sold in packs of three for $29.95)

There was a bonus Diversifold Prefold in addition to the one that came with the nappy.

Seedling Baby says – “Diversifolds take cloth nappying to a whole new level of simplicity and ease. Designed to fit babies at all stages of their cloth nappying journey, simply change the fold to fit your child’s needs. They are perfect for parents who want a quicker rotation on their pocket nappies (when the shells dry quickly but the inserts take a while) or who simply want to add the ever-practical prefold to their stash. Absorbent and sturdy, these prefolds will be a staple in your nappy stash for years to come.”

The Seedling Baby website has a demo page and I can see that as well as folding these into the nappy as a booster, you can use it as a newborn diaper by using the Angel Wing Fold technique and a snappy.

Seedling Baby Luxury Liners (pack of 10)
RRP $11.95

Seedling Baby says – “If there’s one accessory that simplifies cloth nappies, it’s liners. And when you want a liner that can be reused hundreds of times, yet retain it’s luxurious softness, you can’t go past Luxury Liners by Seedling Baby. Designed to fit comfortable inside most nappies, simply lay one inside any nappy to create a soft moisture barrier and help prevent staining. Soft and hardy, these liners will be a staple in your nappy stash for years to come.”

I actually hadn’t given much thought to liners. So it’s a nice bonus to have reusable ones that are so soft and snuggly.

How much does it cost?

The Flower Child Mystery MCN Box  has several different subscription options. I’m currently subscribed to the Majestic Medium Mystery MCN Box in Girlish. Here are all the options:

  • Majestic Mini Mystery MCN Box in Gender Neutral (nappy only) $28
  • Majestic Medium Mystery MCN Box in Gender Neutral (nappy and bonus cloth nappy accessories or baby products) $34.95 
  • Majestic Medium Mystery MCN Box in Girlish or Boyish (nappy and bonus cloth nappy accessories or baby products) $47
  • Majestic Mega Mystery MCN Box (two nappies (one day and one night), sent bi-monthly) $67
  • Stage Wise (a quarterly box for each Stage of nappies – newborn, one size fits most, nights and trainers) $547

Was it worth it?

I purchased a 3 month gift subscription to the Majestic Medium Mystery MCN Box in Girlish. It’s $47 per month. The value of this month’s box was $56.88. So I’m getting roughly $10 extra worth of goodies. As I’m new to cloth and just starting to build a stash, I think this is a nice way to explore different products. I actually would have liked if there was an information sheet in the box, but luckily the Seedling Baby website is filled with great info about their products. So it’s easy to jump online and find out information about how to use the products.

Who should subscribe to this box? People who love receiving fluff mail and also those who are wanting to start experimenting with different types of cloth nappies.


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