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Baby’s first Halloween – Australia 2018

My baby is going to have her first Halloween this year. I know it is a very American tradition but it’s such fun!!

What to wear

I’ve checked out all the usual suspects – Best and Less, Big W, Kmart and Target for something Halloweenish for Baby Chloe to wear. My pick is this cute tee from Big W for a bargain of $2.50. In my local Big W, this shirt was in the middle aisle near the 1 – 7 clothing, not the baby clothing.

The card to give your family

On my shopping spree yesterday, I also picked up a grey bodysuit for $2.50 at Best and Less. At home I already had adult sized fairy wings and a Halloween sign from previous year’s. I then took some quick snaps of Chloe dressed up and then jumped on the laptop and popped some photos in a template on Snapfish. I used a discount code that I found on their deals page for 50% off cards and I’ve ordered 20 cards for just over $15.

What to read

My plan is to pick up a new Halloween themed book for Chloe each year to build up a collection that can be brought out in October each year.

Just in the past few days Baby Chloe has become interested in touch and feel books, so I brought That’s not my witch from Big W for $8. She loves to pat the different textures.

I also considered the following books and I’ll keep them on my list for next year:

What to play

You could make this slimy goop as a fun sensory activity. I think your baby will need to be at the steady sitting stage to get the best enjoyment out of this.

You’ll need the following:

  • 2 cups corn flour
  • 1 cup water
  • 1/4 – 1/2 packet of jelly for colour

Mix it all together and then put some items in the bowl for baby to reach for and play with. This activity can get quite messy, I set it up in the bath tub.

What to eat – baby finger food

These “witches fingers” frittata’s are delicious and healthy. This ‘Eat-your-greens frittata’ recipe is from the One Handed Cooks Book and to be honest I discovered the green-ness by accident. The recipe calls for you to use the food processor for the eggs, broccoli and baby spinach to chop it up. I only own a blender, so I blitzed it like a smoothie and it made my whole frittata this gorgeous green colour.

This was a great finger food for my nearly 9 month old baby as it is easy to smoosh with her gums. If you want to check if a food is easy for your baby to eat, you can try some yourself and see if it is easy to mash between your tongue and the roof of your mouth.

Something for mums

On the day of Halloween (31st October) Muffin Break has $2 muffins all day! Hooray 🙂

Now over to you. I’d love to hear about your Halloween ideas.

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