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Reading to your 8 month old baby

Our favourite books during this month were:

  • First Words by Jane Foster
  • That’s Not My Witch by Fiona Watt
  • Noodle Loves to Eat by Marion Billet

We also still enjoyed all our favourites from our 6 to 7 months favourite books post.

First Words by Jane Foster

I love the stylish artwork in the Jane Foster series. We also have Black and White, which we’ve been reading since Chloe was a newborn.

Baby Chloe seems to really enjoy the artwork in the Jane Foster books. As the text is quite simple I also add extra words as I’m reading, e.g. when we look at the bird I say ‘tweet tweet’ and when we get to the lion I ask her ‘What sound does a lion make? Roar” with arm actions. She loves it. On the train/plane page I make a “choo choo chug-a-chug-a” noise for the train and a “whoosh” for the plane. Sometimes I also sing the I’m a little airplane song to the tune of I’m a little teapot.

I’m a little airplane on the ground

Spin my propeller round and round

When I get all fuelled up then I fly

Off the runway to the sky

Words included in this first words book are – cat, dog, tree, apple, flower, bird, shoe, sock, cup, bowl, egg, cake, car, house, kite, ball, train, plane, boat, fish, bear and lion.

Where to buyGet your copy at Booktopia
RRP – $15.99 currently on sale for $14.75 as of 30 October 2018

That’s Not My Witch by Fiona Watt

I purchased this book for $8 from Big W to help us celebrate Halloween during the month of October. At about 8 1/2 months Baby Chloe started to show some interest in touch and feel books. I also noticed that in general she is more excited about touching different textures. E.g at about the same time she started to like the touch and feel books – she would excitedly wiggle her legs to feel the carpet or rug that she was sitting on.

That’s Not My Witch was her favourite touch and feel book at 8 months old (and it is still her current favourite at 9 months old), I have others but she doesn’t seem interested in touching them. This one she gets super excited about and she likes me to re-read it several times in a row while she touches the different textured sections.

Where to buy – your local Big W store
RRP $14.99 the price at Big W is $8 for all books in the That’s Not My… series.

Noodle Loves to Eat by Marion Billet

We’ve had this one in our collection since Baby Chloe was about 5 months old. I brought it thinking it would be a good story to go with starting solid food. However it is only at 8 months old that she has started to really enjoy this book and she often likes to “read it” herself (e.g. open and close the back or front cover during independent play). Funnily enough this is also a touch and feel but she never wants to touch those elements in this book. They are much smaller sections compared to the tactile parts in That’s Not My Witch recommended above. This book also includes a mirror on the final page.

I feel like this book is one that will grow with her, as there is lots of different objects to point at and discuss.

Where to buyGet your copy from Booktopia
RRP $14.99 currently on sale for $12.95 as of 30 October 2018

Where is Little Fish? by Lucy Cousins

This book was included in our 6 and 7 months favourites list. I can update you now to say that during Baby Chloe’s eight month she was also able to lift the diagonal flap – she couldn’t do that previously – and one time she has opened the treasure chest, which lifts up instead of down.

Where to buyGet your copy at Booktopia
RRP $11.99 currently on sale for $8.90 as of 30 October 2018

That’s a wrap for our favourite books for this month. What are you reading to your baby? Do you have any book recommendations?

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