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Reading to your 9 month old baby

This month I was able to reintroduce Baby Chloe to paper based picture books. For a while there we could only read board books as Chloe kept trying to rip the pages in a normal picture book. Don’t get me wrong, she’d still love to rip up and eat paper but she is currently not trying to do that while you read to her…

So our favourite books during her 9th month have been:

  • The King Cat by Marta Altes 
  • This and That by Mem Fox and illustrated by Judy Horacek
  • Chooky-doodle-doo by Jan Whiten and illustrated by Sinead Hanley
  • Play Hide-and-Seek with Pepe and Millie by Yayo Kawamura

The King Cat

I love reading this story. It’s such fun to read aloud and I get quite into character. The cat is quite dramatic.

For Baby Chloe I think it is the pictures that she loves the most. The artwork is gorgeous and it seems to hit a sweet spot with her in regards to things to look at. There is a mixture of busy pages and then just the cat, so not too much to concentrate on but enough to keep her interested.

This would also be a great book for a toddler or pre-schooler getting a new sibling as it talks about making new rules when your family dynamics change. E.g the King Cat is pretty angry and upset about the introduction of a dog to the household but together they make new rules and end up being best friends.

This is a paper back book and I did read this book to Chloe at about 3 months old but had to stop from roughly 4 months on as she just kept trying to rip the paper. So I’m glad she seems to have moved past that stage for the time being.

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Play Hide-and-Seek with Pepe and Millie

We were gifted this from our wonderful friends that live in Germany. It is such a fun book with sliders that hide Pepe and Millie behind varies objects e.g. reeds in the pond, flowers and a hammock. Unfortunately the slider on our hammock page is a little dodgy, it seems to stay down rather than up for the big reveal. There is also lift-a-flaps on the last few pages. Chloe loves looking under the flaps. The book ends with the cat and the dog sharing a cake. Which is an easy way to introduce the concept of sharing, although Chloe is way too young for that just yet!

I feel like this book makes a really great present, as it is a bit on the pricey side. So probably not something I would buy for myself but she certainly has really enjoyed this book.

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This and That

Chloe loves this book. The version I’ve been reading is a medium-sized board book (not super big but definitely bigger than most) and the illustrations are colourful and exciting.

The book is about a mouse and her baby and all the wonderful crazy tales, the mum (or dad) mouse tells before bedtime. The storyline leaves lots of room for you to elaborate and make up your own stories, if you wanted to. I think if you had an older child, you could have a lot of fun with that aspect of it.

I love that this book ends with a kiss! As it is a sweet action to finish the book with especially before bedtime.

This book is by the same author and illustrator as The Green Sheep.

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I grabbed this book randomly from the library and I was so glad that I did. Chloe loved it. I found it a bit of a tongue twister to read at first. So probably good brain gymnastics for mum as well! As an added bonus – this book was a Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year Finalist in 2014.

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Have you got a younger baby?

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