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Our favourite books at 10 months old

This month we were still enjoying the books from our 9 months favourites post plus the following four:

Hooray for Birds by Lucy Cousins

I think the charm of this book comes from there being lots of actions for Mummy to act out – e.g. hopping and flapping. So Baby Chloe enjoys that very much.

I borrowed this from the library as a paperback book but you can also get it as a board book. I liked that the book featured real types of birds – e.g. flamingoes, penguins, starlings, parrots, owls and many more.

I’ll definitely be re-borrowing or buying a copy in the future. I plan to read it again during October for Bird Week and I’d also get it out if we were going to the Zoo. Particularly if we are going to Singapore as they have flamingoes. Unfortunately none of the zoos in Australia have flamingoes anymore after Chile the oldest captive flamingo in the world died of old age in Adelaide Zoo last year. She was in her 60’s! Amazing!

Lucy Cousins also has a similar book called Hooray for Fish and which instead of referring to types of fish uses descriptions instead e.g. Stripey fish, happy fish, yellow fish, scary fish etc. Which would be really good for language development and learning how to describe objects. We’ve read this book too, but at the moment Chloe prefers Hooray for Birds. She does however enjoy Where is Little Fish – this book was included in our 6 and 7 months favourites list.

Click Clack Peep by Doreen Cronin

I found that this book had a really enjoyable rhythm to it and the pace built up. It features a baby duck and has animal sounds.

Since Chloe was about 3 months old I’ve been making a quacking motion with my hands whenever we talk about ducks. So this is a fun way to include that little activity. (UPDATE – she started doing the quacking with her hands for ducks at 15 months old. It is super cute!)

Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle

I’ve been reading Little Blue Truck to Chloe since she was about 3 months old. It’s an adorable book and like ‘Click Clack Peep’ features animal sounds.

Twinkle by Nick Bland

Perhaps this book is more a Mummy favourite than a Baby favourite. I just think it is beautiful to look at. It is one of my favourite books to buy for a gift for a pre-schooler and I’ve enjoyed reading it to Baby Chloe as part of our bedtime routine.

Where to buy?

Use the links below to buy any of these books online at Booktopia. Otherwise try your favourite local bookstore or library.

Have you got a younger baby?

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