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Reading to your 11 – 12 month old baby

Baby Chloe was really enjoying books during these months. She had just started walking and would love to take you to her story corner. She’d pat the floor next to her for you to sit down and then she’d grab a book to read. She had lots of favourites…

Chloe’s top 10 favourite books to read during months 11 and 12

In no particular order:

This list is her favourites… Some of these weren’t my favourites. I got a bit tired of reading and re-reading:

  • One Little Goat
  • Baah Baah!
  • 100 First Words by DK.

Our top 3 recommendations

Half of these I borrowed from the library and the other half I purchased. If I was only going to buy three of these books I’d suggest:

Moo, Baa, La La La! by Sandra Boynton

Big W have this for a bargain price $4 and Chloe has loved this book from the get go. We’ve had this book since Baby Chloe was six months old. You can see our initial review here.

Where does pig live? by Roger Priddy

You can get this online or pick this one up at the same time you get Moo, Baa, La La La! from Big W for only $6.

This book has groovy tabs that slide out and reveal the different farm animals. I like that it is interactive and I think as her book handling skills get better, she will enjoying sliding out the tabs herself. They are quite sturdy as well.

These two books together will be $10 well spent.

UPDATE – Chloe still loves both these books now at 16 months. I just rotate them in and out of her book shelf, once she gets tired of them. At 15 months she started to pull the sliders, although she still needs assistance.

I Went Walking by Sue Williams

This is a classic picture book that Mem Fox recommends in her book Reading Magic.

It is a simple story about a toddler who goes walking around a farm and all the animals they find. Chloe enjoyed it and I found it easy to get at my local library.

Also QBD Bookshop often have this book on sale for $3 or $4. You can sometimes even nab it for a crazy $1!

Have you got a younger baby?

We’ve also written about our favourite books for ages:

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