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Our favourite toddler books to read – age 16 months

Tomorrow Chloe will be 17 months old. This post outlines our favourite books for the past month (while she was 16 months).

As part of the Joy in the Post Toddler Book Club we’ve been reading:

I think both books are lovely but Chloe hasn’t yet connected with either of them.

Over the past month she has been loving:

My Peekaboo Animals

I brought this book when we were going on the plane just after Chloe turned 12 months old. I wanted something to keep her entertained and this book did a great job. It has over 70 flaps to lift up and look under. So it did the trick at the time and kept her busy for a while on the plane flight.

Since then we’ve had this book in and out of our book rotation several times. She enjoys lifting the flaps and the animal names.

It has six themed spreads:

  • Ocean animals e.g. fish, shark, jelly fish, octopus etc.
  • Safari animals – lion, cheetah, giraffe, warthog etc.
  • Under the sun – Australian and New Zealand Animals (although strangely the Echnida is called a Spiny Ant Eater…)
  • Arctic animals – polar bear, penguin etc.
  • Jungle animals – spider monkey, jaguar, toucan etc.
  • Forest animals – bear, squirrel, lady bug etc.

This book has flaps within flaps, so that is super cool. It also has lots of little quirky facts about the animals.

Echnida Jim Went for a Swim

We’ve borrowed this from the library a few times over the past few months and this time I held onto it all month. I think my husband is sick of it!

Chloe seems to like both the animals and also the sounds in the book. It mentions blowing up toys for the beach and with each blow, I also pretend to blow up a toy. She thinks it is hilarious.

Then Echnida Jim jumps in the water and accidentally pops the toys with his spikes. Chloe loves the popping sound and then the hiss, whoosh and whee sounds after the toys have popped.

Australian Animals – Alpha prints

We’ve read a few of these Alpha prints series books but this was the first month Chloe seemed engaged in feeling the difference between the bumper finger prints and the rest of the smooth book.

I liked pairing reading this with Echnida Jim Went for a Swim as it featured many of the same animals and I felt like it re-enforced the names.

This is actually something that I plan to do more over the next few months. I am going to make a concentrated effort to theme Chloe’s book rotations to help build and strengthen her vocabulary.

Colours – Alpha prints

This was a gift for her first birthday and as she had been enjoying the Australian Animals book from the same series, I thought I’d get this one out too!

Where is the Green Sheep?

We’ve had this one since Christmas and this month Chloe has been really getting into it.

This month Chloe has had a keen interest in sheep and has started saying ‘Bah bah’. Often when she wants a rendition of ‘Old MacDonald had a Farm’.

This book doesn’t mention the words ‘Baa baa’. But we often talk about the sounds sheep make as we have the book ‘Moo, Baa, La La La!’ by Sandra Boynton (which we got for a steal at Big W for $4) and a Farm Puzzle from Kmart (it’s only $2). I often use the farm animals from this puzzle to sing ‘Old MacDonald had a Farm’.

National Geographic Look and Learn: Dogs

This was one of our picks for the May 2019 Joy in the Post Toddler Book Club. This wasn’t my favourite book but Chloe loves it! So now I am warming to it more and more.

Have you got a younger baby/toddler?

We’ve also written about our favourite books for ages:

What are you reading at the moment and what have been your favourite books for this age? Please join in the conversation and let everyone know.

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