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Our favourite toddler activities – age 16 months

Chloe turned 17 months last week. Here are some things that she really enjoyed when she was 16 months old.


A few months back I had brought Chloe the Minnie Mouse Crayola colouring book for $5 from Big W. It had some stickers in the front and she really enjoyed sticking with them.

We had reached the end of this book. So I brought a pad of stickers from Big W and I’ve been using A3 paper.

In case you are wondering our sticker activity doesn’t look uber flash but she enjoys it. I found these in the stationary section, away from the sticker and colouring-in books. The stickers in the colouring-in books were too small. A tip that can help make it easier for your child to grab the stickers, is to peel off the white sticker paper. That way you are just left with the stickers on each sheet.


We started with the Minnie Mouse colouring book and now we are just really scribbling on A3 paper either before or after doing some stickers. I started with the Micador Toddler crayons but now we are just using normal crayons. You can pick these up for $2 from Big W or Kmart. We have been going through crayons quickly as the dog keeps stealing them and chewing them up!

The crayons are often rolling away, so next time I might try these triangle style ones next time.

In case you are wondering, colouring-in at the start is just mark making. Chloe did start scribbling at 16 months but we have been colouring-in regularly since about 13 months. I also find it relaxing to colouring-in alongside her.

Putting nappies on her soft toys

This was an accidental discovery. Chloe pulled out some of her tiny newborn cloth nappies and my Mum put them on some soft toys. Chloe likes me to change the nappies on her soft toys most days. We can spend a good 20 minutes changing the nappies on her toys.


Chloe loves to sit down and read books. You can read about her favourite books during her 16th month here.

Break the day up with an outing

So on the days when I am home with Chloe I try to schedule a morning outing. I try to make it so that we can do multiple things in one outing. E.g. the local baby gymnastics class is close enough to the library that we can park the car and do both activities in one trip. So we usually go to gymnastics class at 9am and then our library opens at 10am. By the time we’ve finished up Chloe is either ready for an early lunch or she falls asleep in the car on the way home (luckily for me, she is easy to transfer from the car to the cot).

Lately we’ve also been doing a morning where we go to a local shopping centre. First stop is the chemist – to get nappies/wipes or whatever is needed. I do that first, so I can keep her strapped in the pram. Then we got to Muffin Break and share a muffin. At $4.50 this is a great little treat we can share without breaking the budget and then she has had enough pram time. So it is time to let her toddle around (this requires patience on my behalf). There is one of those merry go round things near the Muffin Break. She likes to get in and out of the cars (I have to help her). Luckily she doesn’t yet realise that it turns on.

If all is going well I then mosey over to Kmart and pick a section to look at. E.g. One day we spent a good 20 minutes inspecting all the different headbands in the kids section – they have bears, cats, unicorns etc. Another day we looked at all the different balls in the outdoor play area. I’ve made myself a rule where this is a no-buying trip. That way she doesn’t realise that you can take things home. She thinks the items live in the store. This has worked well for me so far. Fingers crossed. Please note this game – does require a lot of patience and Chloe is easily side-tracked. One day she was obsessed with the sock aisle which I thought was a bit boring and I was worried she was going to lose an eye on those hooks! The book aisle can also be fun.

Favourite toys at 16 months

Her two favourite toys this month were her Fisher Price Humpback Whale Shape Sorter and the Tomy Hide n Squeak Eggs. You can get these from the eggs from Big W, although I got mine from a local independent toy store. The Whale was a 1st birthday gift. The blue and orange blocks are from our Ikea shape sorter.

Share your tips

I’d love to hear about your toddlers favourite activities and toys during their 16 month.

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