Newborn Essentials – Baby wardrobe

Newborn Essentials – Baby wardrobe

Baby outfits are just the cutest. Which is why you’ll probably find you get gifted a lot of really gorgeous items of clothing from your friends and family. Hooray!!

So this is one area you won’t need to go to crazy on. In fact I recommend waiting until after your baby shower to take stock of what you have and what you need to buy.

How does baby clothing sizes work?

When buying clothes in anticipation of your little bundle of joy get a mixture of sizes. You may have an indication from scans if your baby is very small or very large but these guestimations can be incorrect – as it is hard to measure or squiggly baby in the belly and your baby could come early or late.

Sizing can be confusing, here is the gist of it…

0000 – tiny newborn

000 – 0 to 3 months

00 – 3 to 6 months

0 – 6 to 12 months

Unfortunately as is the case with all clothing you’ll find a bit of variation in sizing across different brands and even within certain brands. If you have a long (tall) baby you’ll find you need to upsize your wardrobe earlier.

Our Baby Chloe was an average sized baby and when she was born she fit a few of her 0000 for a few weeks, however she was quickly into her 000 outfits.

It’s strange to say but for a baby bigger clothing is always better. That way it is easier to get on them and they are nice and comfy. Also they grow into things so quickly – babies grow soooo much during the first year.

Go on – splash out

While waiting for your little bundle to appear I think it is nice to buy a super cute outfit or two that you love and perhaps are a little on the pricey side. But then fill out the rest of your wardrobe with more practical basics. You’ll find that you get gifted a lot of super cute outfits and you will start to run out of time to wear them all.

I brought Baby Chloe three handmade nappy and singlet sets from SHP Nappies and I absolutely loved them (you can see the latest available prints on the SHP Nappies Facebook page). They were so cute sitting in her wardrobe and I got a real buzz out of dressing her in them. I got a Snuggle Pot and Cuddle Pie set, Bambi set and Fairy set. The first photo is when she is only 6 days old. Awww tiny newborn.

Baby Wardrobe basics

After your baby shower, it’s time to check that you have enough outfits for the season that your baby will be born. I’m lucky and our weather is quite consistently warm, so I didn’t need to worry about rugging up in layers.

Here is what I had to start with

  • 7 singlets
  • 5 body suits
  • 3 bonds onesies
  • 2 dresses
  • 1 special occasion dress with a tutu
  • 1 cardigan
  • 3 baby sleep sacks

Baby sleepwear

This will really depend on your weather. For warm weather I had planned to put Baby Chloe in a body suit and then a sleep sack. However she hated the sleep sack… So I ended up switching to the bonds onesies on about Day 6 and then I needed to go out and buy more as 3 was not enough. We also brought some cheaper style ones from Best and Less in a minky fabric, but these didn’t last as long as they had no real stretch to the fabric.They were cute and fun at the time though.

Where to buy baby clothes

There are plenty of places to get reasonable priced and cute baby clothes:

If you can hold out you’ll find that there are regular sales of 40 percent off on Baby Bonds at Best and Less, Big W and Bonds. So keep your eye out for the sales.

I’d love to hear about your favourite baby clothing buys. So comment below or send me an email.

Newborn Essentials series

This is my third post in my Newborn Essentials series. Previous posts include:

Reading to your 8 month old baby

Reading to your 8 month old baby

Our favourite books during this month were:

  • First Words by Jane Foster
  • That’s Not My Witch by Fiona Watt
  • Noodle Loves to Eat by Marion Billet

We also still enjoyed all our favourites from our 6 to 7 months favourite books post.

First Words by Jane Foster

I love the stylish artwork in the Jane Foster series. We also have Black and White, which we’ve been reading since Chloe was a newborn.

Baby Chloe seems to really enjoy the artwork in the Jane Foster books. As the text is quite simple I also add extra words as I’m reading, e.g. when we look at the bird I say ‘tweet tweet’ and when we get to the lion I ask her ‘What sound does a lion make? Roar” with arm actions. She loves it. On the train/plane page I make a “choo choo chug-a-chug-a” noise for the train and a “whoosh” for the plane. Sometimes I also sing the I’m a little airplane song to the tune of I’m a little teapot.

I’m a little airplane on the ground

Spin my propeller round and round

When I get all fuelled up then I fly

Off the runway to the sky

Words included in this first words book are – cat, dog, tree, apple, flower, bird, shoe, sock, cup, bowl, egg, cake, car, house, kite, ball, train, plane, boat, fish, bear and lion.

Where to buyGet your copy at Booktopia
RRP – $15.99 currently on sale for $14.75 as of 30 October 2018

That’s Not My Witch by Fiona Watt

I purchased this book for $8 from Big W to help us celebrate Halloween during the month of October. At about 8 1/2 months Baby Chloe started to show some interest in touch and feel books. I also noticed that in general she is more excited about touching different textures. E.g at about the same time she started to like the touch and feel books – she would excitedly wiggle her legs to feel the carpet or rug that she was sitting on.

That’s Not My Witch was her favourite touch and feel book at 8 months old (and it is still her current favourite at 9 months old), I have others but she doesn’t seem interested in touching them. This one she gets super excited about and she likes me to re-read it several times in a row while she touches the different textured sections.

Where to buy – your local Big W store
RRP $14.99 the price at Big W is $8 for all books in the That’s Not My… series.

Noodle Loves to Eat by Marion Billet

We’ve had this one in our collection since Baby Chloe was about 5 months old. I brought it thinking it would be a good story to go with starting solid food. However it is only at 8 months old that she has started to really enjoy this book and she often likes to “read it” herself (e.g. open and close the back or front cover during independent play). Funnily enough this is also a touch and feel but she never wants to touch those elements in this book. They are much smaller sections compared to the tactile parts in That’s Not My Witch recommended above. This book also includes a mirror on the final page.

I feel like this book is one that will grow with her, as there is lots of different objects to point at and discuss.

Where to buyGet your copy from Booktopia
RRP $14.99 currently on sale for $12.95 as of 30 October 2018

Where is Little Fish? by Lucy Cousins

This book was included in our 6 and 7 months favourites list. I can update you now to say that during Baby Chloe’s eight month she was also able to lift the diagonal flap – she couldn’t do that previously – and one time she has opened the treasure chest, which lifts up instead of down.

Where to buyGet your copy at Booktopia
RRP $11.99 currently on sale for $8.90 as of 30 October 2018

That’s a wrap for our favourite books for this month. What are you reading to your baby? Do you have any book recommendations?

Newborn Essentials – Breastfeeding

Newborn Essentials – Breastfeeding

This is the second post in my Newborns Essentials series. Missed the first post? Here it is Newborn Essentials – Sleeping.

Newborns eat, sleep, poop and then repeat.

So let’s dive into that first one – eating. I breastfeed Baby Chloe and I’ll be honest at the start it was a real struggle, as she wouldn’t latch for days… It was a very stressful and worrying time for me and I wished that I’d known earlier that many women struggle with getting started breastfeeding. In the early days it is really tough but if you can stick it out, it does usually get better and the benefits for baby are amazing. However if it’s not getting better by week 2 you should definitely see a specialist lactation consultant. They are available at most hospitals and if you ask around you should be able to get a recommendation for a good one. Also in Australia we are super lucky to have a dedicated 24/7 hotline for Breastfeeding mama’s – 1800 686 268. So don’t be afraid to use this service, I called it once or twice and it was really helpful and I highly recommend it. The advice was good and it helped me to get through and continue my breastfeeding journey.

Breast pump

As Baby Chloe took a while to get going with breastfeeding I was super glad that I had a breast pump.I wasn’t going to get one initially but a friend of mine had received two as a gift. So I brought if off them for $40 or $50 (I can’t quite remember). The one I got was the Miomee from Tommee Tippee but it doesn’t look like they make that one anymore. I’m pretty sure that most hospitals and breastfeeding associations also have some that you can hire, if you just want to wait and see how you go.

If you need to pump with a newborn the nurses at the hospital will take you through the process but it goes basically like this:

  • offer baby both breasts and try to feed
  • drip feed baby using a syringe
  • use your breast pump for however many minutes they tell you too (I think for me it was 20 mins each side).

Hilariously by the time you’ve done all that, it’s generally time to start again… Anyway jokes aside, Baby Chloe figured it out by about Day 5 or 6 and got good at it towards the end of the second week. So then I didn’t need to pump anymore, hooray!!

Breast cooling options

During the first few days, of feeding your baby is drinking colostrum. Somewhere between day 3 – 5 your milk will come in and when it does you’ll want a way to cool and soothe your swollen breasts. I used the Rite Aid Hydrogel Breast Discs that you can buy from Chemist Warehouse. Lansinoh also do a reusable one that looks fab too! If you want to try the old-fashioned way, you could use cooled cabbage leaves 😉

For me personally with the fact that Baby Chloe wasn’t feeding properly and then the fact that my boobs were on fire for a few days, on top of little sleep – it was the toughest thing I’ve done ever but it truly was only for a few days and then it got better. Now nearly 9 months on, it seems like it never really happened. Bahaha… That’s so you forget and have a second baby 🙂

Nipple balm

Unfortunately you might also end up with sore cracked nipples. Which totally sucks (pun intended). I used both pure lanolin and also the Gaia Nipple balm. I liked the Gaia one better in the end as you don’t have to remember to wipe it off before feeding and as a tired new mama, the less to remember the better.

Nursing pads

You’ll also want to grab some breastfeeding (nursing) pads, so you don’t leak milk on your clothes. If you are going to go cloth, get a stash of them and plan to wash them together in a little washbag, so they stay together. I wish I had this thought in the early days. I was always trying to hunt for them amongst the mountain of washing. FYI – when you are a tired new mama ideas like this don’t seem to magically occur to you for some time…

Due to the above mentioned washing nightmare I ended up trying some disposable ones too. I really loved the Natracare Nursing Pads but they only stock them at an eco grocer not close to my house, so then I switched to the Lansinoh ones from the chemist. Once I got back into the swing of things I started using the cloth pads again, with the Lansinoh ones as a back-up or when an outfit requires the pads to be stuck on to the bra. The disposable ones have little sticky pads that adhere to your bra and stop them from moving around.


You will probably find that breastfeeding makes you ravenously hungry. There is science to this hunger as breastfeeding Mama’s need more calories than pregnant Mama’s!! So plan ahead and have a stash of healthy snacks ready to go. I ordered the Love with Food Deluxe subscription (I started deliveries the month before I was due) and I ate a tonne of nut bars. A friend of mine told me they make your breastmilk more fatty (good fats) for baby. I’m not sure if it is true or not but at the time I thought why not? Also they were delicious!

What to wear

I recommend purchasing three breastfeeding bras – one to wear, one in the wash and one in your drawer. I actually have four; two cheaper ones from Asos and two more expensive ones from Cake Maternity. This tactic has worked out ok for me. The Cake Maternity ones are my favourite.

You’ll need to have some breastfeeding outfits. At home I sometimes just wear loose fitting tees that I can lift up. For going out I have button up tops and dresses. I brought two shirts with zippered fronts but they didn’t seem to work well for me. I think it had to do with my body shape and my baby’s feeding style.

I really like the tube like access tops but I haven’t been able to find any reasonable priced ones. I have one dress in that style from Pea in a Pod and it works great. However I wore it to death during my pregnancy, so it looks a bit loved…

Don’t buy too much to start with just enough for you to experiment with what works. I started with:

  • 2 zipper front tops from Angel Maternity (similar to this one but with zips)
  • 1 shirt dress from Angel Maternity
  • 1 button access shirt from Angel Maternity
  • 1 tube style access dress from Pea in a Pod
  • 1 silk top from Pea in a Pod (I love this but it is not milk stain friendly)
  • 1 skirt from Pea in a Pod
  • Stretchy gym shorts that I already had from Lorna Jane and Lululemon

Then at about the 5 months mark I brought two cute dresses from Breastfeeding Wear Australia.

Want everything in a neat little list?

Breastfeeding Essentials Newborn

  • Soothing/cooling pads (for when your milk comes in)
  • Nursing pads (to stop milk leaks)
  • Yummy snacks
  • Breastfeeding bras x 3
  • Breastfeeding friendly outfits  x 5
  • Breastfeeding pump (optional)

Did I miss anything? Let me know what is on your Breastfeeding Newborn Essentials list.

Baby’s first Halloween – Australia 2018

Baby’s first Halloween – Australia 2018

My baby is going to have her first Halloween this year. I know it is a very American tradition but it’s such fun!!

What to wear

I’ve checked out all the usual suspects – Best and Less, Big W, Kmart and Target for something Halloweenish for Baby Chloe to wear. My pick is this cute tee from Big W for a bargain of $2.50. In my local Big W, this shirt was in the middle aisle near the 1 – 7 clothing, not the baby clothing.

The card to give your family

On my shopping spree yesterday, I also picked up a grey bodysuit for $2.50 at Best and Less. At home I already had adult sized fairy wings and a Halloween sign from previous year’s. I then took some quick snaps of Chloe dressed up and then jumped on the laptop and popped some photos in a template on Snapfish. I used a discount code that I found on their deals page for 50% off cards and I’ve ordered 20 cards for just over $15.

What to read

My plan is to pick up a new Halloween themed book for Chloe each year to build up a collection that can be brought out in October each year.

Just in the past few days Baby Chloe has become interested in touch and feel books, so I brought That’s not my witch from Big W for $8. She loves to pat the different textures.

I also considered the following books and I’ll keep them on my list for next year:

What to play

You could make this slimy goop as a fun sensory activity. I think your baby will need to be at the steady sitting stage to get the best enjoyment out of this.

You’ll need the following:

  • 2 cups corn flour
  • 1 cup water
  • 1/4 – 1/2 packet of jelly for colour

Mix it all together and then put some items in the bowl for baby to reach for and play with. This activity can get quite messy, I set it up in the bath tub.

What to eat – baby finger food

These “witches fingers” frittata’s are delicious and healthy. This ‘Eat-your-greens frittata’ recipe is from the One Handed Cooks Book and to be honest I discovered the green-ness by accident. The recipe calls for you to use the food processor for the eggs, broccoli and baby spinach to chop it up. I only own a blender, so I blitzed it like a smoothie and it made my whole frittata this gorgeous green colour.

This was a great finger food for my nearly 9 month old baby as it is easy to smoosh with her gums. If you want to check if a food is easy for your baby to eat, you can try some yourself and see if it is easy to mash between your tongue and the roof of your mouth.

Something for mums

On the day of Halloween (31st October) Muffin Break has $2 muffins all day! Hooray 🙂

Now over to you. I’d love to hear about your Halloween ideas.

Newborn Essentials – Sleeping

Newborn Essentials – Sleeping

This is the first post in my Newborn Essentials series.

Sleep precious sleep, what happened to you my pretty!

Newborns and sleep are two things that don’t necessarily go together.

Here is what you need.

A place to sleep

Obviously they need a place to sleep. I’m a bit of an anxious parent, so I did a lot of research to make sure I had a super safe cot and mattress as I was worried about SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). The research has shown that the most safest option is a firm mattress. You can test the mattress yourself but I decided to get one that had been given the tick of approval from the Red Nose Foundation (previously known as SIDS and Kids). I decided to go with the MyBub cot mattress from Clark Rubber. I also brought two mattress protectors, one for the wash and one for the bed.

So once I had picked the mattress. I looked for a cot. Things to be mindful of when choosing a cot are whether your baby can get their arms and legs stuck. Which seems to be a tricky thing to judge as your baby could be chunky or skinny and it will change as time goes on. Eekkk. So again I decided to take the testing out of it and I checked out the reviews from Choice. I decided to go with the Tasman Essentials Palermo Cot, which you can only buy from Baby Bunting. Luckily you can buy online and get it delivered straight to your door.

I was a bit of a nervous Nelly about whether my mattress and cot were a good combination. So I emailed the lovely people at the Red Nose Foundation just to double check it would all be a good fit. They wrote back within a day or two to let me know that this combination met their guidelines.

As Chloe is 8 months old when I am writing this I can tell you that yes on occasion she has put her legs out the cot but she hasn’t had any problems with this, she just pulls them back in and keeps sleeping or rolly pollying around (this is her new favourite pre and post sleeping activity!).

I also wanted a cot that would last a while. This one has the option to lower the cot down, for when they start pulling up to a stand and you can also take the sides off to use as a toddler bed.

So that is the cot but… when the reality of having a baby kicked in. I found out how tiring it is to get a baby in and out of the cot a million times a night. Luckily our friends let us borrow their snooze pod. It is a co-sleeper that allows your baby to be in her own little bassinet attached to the bed and you can easily reach her. This was amazing and allowed me to get a lot more sleep, as I didn’t have to negotiate getting Baby Chloe in and out of the cot when I was an uber tired new Mummy.

We used the snooze pod til about 3 months old. When she started to roll/wiggle (on her back) out of the snooze pod and into our own bed.

I was a little worried about making the transition from snooze pod to cot but it was actually super easy. I used the cot for day naps and she didn’t seem to mind at all, when we swapped it over. I have kept it in the same spot as the snooze pod, butted right up to my side of the bed. At 8 months old Baby Chloe is still sleeping here as we haven’t yet made the next transition to her own room 😉

Baby sleepwear

Once you have sorted out a safe place to sleep your baby will need a bedtime outfit. Many newborn babies love to be swaddled as it helps stop the startle reflex from waking them up at night. You can wrap them up like a little burrito using a wrap or use a sleep sack. I love sleep sacks as you don’t have to worry so much about your wrapping technique, you just zip them in.

For Baby Chloe, she loved a snug burrito wrap the first few days at the hospital. The nurses at the maternity ward are burrito wrapping experts!

The first night at home we put her in a sleep sack and she loved it. After that night she hated both sleep sacks and being wrapped up. So from then on we put her in a Bonds Wondersuit for night time sleeps and for day time sleeps we just had her wearing whatever outfit she was currently wearing. Now that Baby Chloe is 8 months old I can say that we’ve tried a few different brands of onesies and for us the best ones have a good stretch to them. That way you get a longer life out of them. She does have some cute fluffy onesies from Best and Less but they aren’t as accommodating as she grows. At the moment 8 month old Baby Chloe can still fit her 000 onesies (eg if there is a washing crisis or a week with many bed time wetting accidents!) but I prefer to put her in 00 or 0 and for any future onesies I’ll be buying 0.

Newborn bedtime routine

This is optional but I found doing these things made me feel better.From when Chloe was a newborn I tried to have a mini bedtime routine that consisted of:

  • Fresh nappy (obviously)
  • Leg massage (I didn’t use any special technique – just what I thought would feel nice)
  • Pajamas on
  • Lavender spray around the cot (mostly for me)
  • Bedtime story
  • Feed

We found this routine helped Chloe know that it was now time for sleep. However you should be warned that newborns wake up, a lot!! They need to feed their little bellies. So you won’t be getting much sleep. Sorry…

Getting a crying baby to go to sleep

Unfortunately you will find that your newborn baby will cry a lot, generally the crying stage peeks at about 6 weeks and then starts to ease off. I found that the following helped me through that time:

  • Understanding that it is a completely different world for your baby. No snuggley womb and relaxing whooshing sounds.
  • Babies cry, it is there only way of communicating.

The thing that worked best for Baby Chloe was cuddling, while walking and singing. I made up this song to help pass the time, feel free to adapt and sing to your baby…

The windy wafts, the windy wafts
Poor Baby Chloe’s got the windy wafts
They don’t feel nice and she doesn’t like when she gets the windy wafts

FYI – the windy wafts is an upset tummy. Sometimes when I was tired I would accidentally sing ‘windy wasps’… Which would make me laugh.

I also did a lot of shussshing which is surprisingly very relaxing and would often send me off to sleep before the baby.

What are your best newborn sleeping tips?

Reading to your baby – 6 to 7 months

Reading to your baby – 6 to 7 months

I really enjoy reading books to our baby. I love to read in general and children’s books are super fun.

Baby Chloe turned 8 months old last week and here is a round-up of her favourite books for months 6 and 7.

Where is Little Fish? by Lucy Cousins

A lift the flaps board book about a game of hide and seek with different fish – stripy fish, twisty twirly fish, curly whirly fish, shelly fish, crab and of course little fish and mummy fish.

The flaps are quite sturdy. Four of them flip down and are easy for my baby to reveal if I pop my finger under the top of the flap. The other two she hasn’t mastered yet. One flips up and one diagonally.

The storyline is simple for a baby, the illustrations bright and happy and the last page mentions kisses. Which is a fun way to finish the book with kisses on your baby.

Black and White by Jane Foster

Baby Chloe has been loving this book since she was a newborn. It features black and white animals and flowers on a coloured background. The book labels and describes each object e.g ‘mooing cow’, ‘happy little penguin’ and ‘lovely flowers with dots’. I enjoy this one too.

Moo, Baa, La La La! by Sandra Boynton

She loves this book and I find myself quoting this book during the day. Especially when preparing meals as I may have put Chloe in her highchair and she starts to get a bit huffy, so I recite from the book ‘Rhinosaurs snort and snuff, and little dogs go ruff ruff ruff…’ It certainly changes her tune.

This book also ties in well with playtime. We have some bath animal farm toys and I can pick these up throughout the story and use them as props. You could use any farm animal toys that you have. I’ve also used chunky puzzle pieces.

The Pout Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen

This has been a favourite for a while now. However, now that she is older she has her favourite pages. So I often skip around and only read the pages that she likes. She doesn’t love the four pages were the Pout Pout Fish chats to his friends. She loves the ending of this book. It includes lots of smoochy kisses and she loves the purple fish and the Pout Pout Fish’s cheerie cheery face.

The Going to Bed Book by Sandra Boynton

Originally I was alternating between reading this book and Moo Baa La La La also by Sandra Boynton but lately I have been using this book as part of our bedtime routine and Moo Baa La La La as a book for playtime.

This book includes all the usual bedtime routine jazz e.g having a bath, putting on pajamas and teeth brushing in a fun way. I can see this book growing with Chloe as there is lots of things to discuss e.g the different animals and it talks about ‘on top’ and ‘beneath’ as well as ‘big’ and ‘small’.

Goodnight Sophie

When Chloe was born, my mum gave her a set of four Sophie the Giraffe books. This one is part of our bedtime routine and the other three I try to alternate them each week.

This is a simple but sweet book that goes through the bedtime routine.

This book is very pastel in colour and although Chloe has had this book since being a newborn, it didn’t capture her interest to just before she turned 6 months old. I think this was due to the colours being too light and she couldn’t see it properly as a baby’s eyesight doesn’t fully develop to about 6 months old.

What kinds of books are good developmentally for this age?

Every baby is different but you’ll find that babies aged six to seven months like:

  • books with animal sounds
  • lift a flap books
  • touch and feel books
  • books about babies routine – eg bath time, bed time etc.

You know how I just said that every baby is different? Well many babies in this age range like touch and feel books but my baby doesn’t seem to be interested in them yet… or I haven’t found the right one to keep her interest! So don’t worry if your baby is like this too. Just go with the flow and read books that both you and your baby enjoy together.

How I do it?

I try to read to baby Chloe everyday. The trick is to make it part of your daily routine. Sometimes I miss a day or even a few days and I try to stay relaxed about this and be kind to myself. I figure that if I manage to do it most days than I’m headed in the right direction.

If I’m organised, on Sunday nights I try to put a stash of 5 or 6 books by the reading chair in Chloe’s nursery. I’m using this cute little chair from IKEA as a place to stack the books.

I then put some on the floor and some on the lower shelf. By Monday lunchtime the books are sprawled everywhere.

I was using this super cute book stand from IKEA. But now Chloe keeps trying to pull up on it and it is tipping onto her. Ops! So I’m going to have to put that in the cupboard until she is a bit older.

Why do I have books everywhere? So that she can work on her book handling skills. Being able to hold a book and turn the pages is an important pre-reading skill. Although at the moment all she does is pick them up and chew on the corners, yummy!

The challenges of reading to a 6 – 7 month old baby

Chloe often likes to chew on the book. If this happens I either let her chew it and select another book to read to her or I swap the book for a teether type toy. I often have this little playgro giraffe hanging on the edge of the chair for just this situation, you can get similar ones at Target. During her bedtime routine I have this teether from Nuby ready to go.

I’ve also found that Chloe likes to turn the book around and flip back to the front cover. I think she is trying to figure out how all these pictures fit inside the book. When this happens I sometimes stop reading to point out the front cover, back cover and spine of the book or if I’m feeling a bit sleep deprived I just let her play with the book for a bit and once she has stopped spinning it around I begin reading it again. Understanding that the book is made up of a front cover, back cover and spine is also an important pre-reading skill.

Sometimes Chloe will stop paying attention and start investigating the arm of the chair. If this happens I might swap to another book or keep reading depending how far into the book I am. If it is a favourite book, she seems to look back to the book as I get to her favourite parts.

The Pout Pout Fish is quite a long narrative for a baby and when I first started reading it to her I would read just a few pages until eventually we worked up to reading the whole book. And then I could read the whole book no problems but now sometimes as I mentioned earlier, she likes to skip through to her favourite pages and that is perfectly ok!

Where to buy

Big W stock Moo Ba La La La and The Going to Bed Book for a bargain $4 each!

I brought the other books from Booktopia. If you sign up for their emails, you can find out when they offer free shipping. I find they do this roughly once a month. Hooray!

Over to you

I’d love to hear what books you are reading with your baby. So please let me know in the comments your fave books and the age of your baby.