*Sock* Flow review

Sockflow is a Norwegian based sock subscription that ships funky Japanese socks world wide.

I love cute socks, why wear boring ones is my mantra!

The patterns are great, and they do men’s, women’s and children’s sock subscriptions.

kindly sent me a women’s subscription sample.


The socks

I received two socks.

How much does it cost?

Sockflow has eight different levels of subscriptions to cover off men’s, women’s and children’s socks.

Two women’s socks cost $20 US a month and includes free shipping world wide.

Was it worth it?

I thought these socks were super fun and good quality. I don’t wear a lot of socks, so for me this would be an occasional subscription. But if you wore socks everyday and like fun socks, you should check out this subscription.

Who should buy it?

Sock lovers! It would also make a great gift for the corporate guy who likes to add a pop of sneaky fun into their everyday work wear.

*Gem* Box review – January 2016

Gem Box is an Australian based jewellery subscription.

On the 1st of each month, Gem Box sends out 3 – 4 pieces of jewellery suited to your style.

When you sign up, you take a mini style quiz which consists of choosing a few items that you like. There’s also a blank section for you to enter any additional comments. In this section, I wrote that I have tiny fingers and that I’d rather not receive rings as they never fit properly! I also wrote that I love statement necklaces.

Gem Box kindly sent this box to me for review and we are also running a giveaway. You can get all the details at the end of this review 😉

First look

My Gem Box arrived all prettily packaged in brown paper tied with a cute twine.

The goodies

I would assume that I got lucky with receiving five items, as the website says to expect 3 to 4 items each month. I’d love to hear what other Gem Box subscribers received this month.

How much does it cost?

Gem Box has three different subscription options:

  • Monthly – a month to month subscription costs $28 per month
  • 3 months – a prepaid 3 month subscription costs $75 (which is a saving of $9)
  • 6 months – a prepaid 6 month subscription costs $135 (which is a saving of $33).

Where does it ship to?

Gem Box ships Australia wide and the cost of shipping is included in the price.

Was it worth it?

I definitely feel that I received $28 worth of value. I love jewellery subscription boxes as they keep my look fresh and also I’m terrible at picking at jewellery, I get decision paralysis and end up walking away from the store with nothing. So having someone chose it and send it to me, works really well for me.

Who should buy it?

Gem Box is suited to those who suffer from indecisiveness when it comes to choosing jewellery. It will help you to mix it up and look good doing it.