Waggly Club review – November 2017

Waggly Club review – November 2017

This review box was kindly sent to me by the team at Waggly Club.

Our dog Lulu loves snacks and toys, so dog subscription boxes work great for us.

Waggly Club has two subscription box options:

  • Original (suits most except those that ruv to chew) – two different toys and two healthy treats
  • Active Chewer (for more destructive chewers) – one sturdy toy and three healthy treats.

Lulu received the Active Chewer box, as she loves to rip up her toys.

First look

The Waggly Club box is gorgeous and I couldn’t wait to open it.

The goodies

Kong Genius Leo
Value $27.49 at Petbarn

I was super excited to see a Kong Toy! Lulu has another Kong and she loves it. I’d been looking at this one at the pet shop for a while, so excited to get to try it. Below is clip of Lulu playing with the Kong.

Three sets of treats

  • Lamb ears – We haven’t tried Lamb Ears before. Lulu liked this.
  • Lamb puffs – I stuffed one of these in the Kong toy. Lulu had fun with it but my preference for ease of use would be a flatter smaller treat. As we had to help her a little bit when it was stuck.
  • Lamb leg joint – I have never seen anything like this one before. It will be good to see how this one goes.

How much does it cost?

The Original Box costs $55 per month and the Active Chewer box $60 per month. At the moment there is a sale on and you can try your first box for half price! Use code SAVE50% at checkout.

Currently you can also order a once off Christmas Box. I am sooo tempted. The Christmas Box is $55 (usually $65, it’s currently on sale) and comes in the ‘Original’ or ‘Active Chewer’ options.

  • Original – 2 x Christmas plush toys, 2 x bags of healthy snack and one Christmas themed accessory
  • Active Chewer – 1 x Christmas themed non-plush toy, 1 x bonus Christmas toy, 3 x bags of healthy snacks and one Christmas themed accessory

Was it worth it?

The toy we got was great. It’s good quality and something that kept Lulu entered for a good length of time. The treats also are good value.

I’d value the box at pretty much how much it costs. The toy is half the value and each treat bag is probably worth about $10, maybe a little bit more. But for me, if I get good quality treats and a toy delivered to my house with little effort on my behalf than that is worth it to me!

Who should buy this box? I think most dog lovers would love a Waggly Club box. It would also make a great gift for a dog loving friend or your own dog for their birthday.

Pet Parcels – November 2017 review

Pet Parcels – November 2017 review

Lulu gets a subscription from Pet Parcels every 2 months.

Pet Parcels offers organic and free range treats for dogs. You can subscribe to receive your Pet Parcels every month, every two months or  every three months. It costs $39.99 which includes delivery.

What’s in the box this month?

Pet Parcels come in an Australia Post bag and then you open it up to find your goodies inside. You’ll get 3 sets of treats and one surprise gift. This month Lulu got a rope toy.

Whose sneaky nose is that?

All my goodies!

Play time

Just chilling with my new toy.

This is the first time she’s gotten a rope toy in this box. In her last box she got a squeaky raccoon toy which she really loved.

How much does it cost?

Pet Parcels costs $39.99 per delivery and you can choose to get your Pet Parcels delivered monthly, every two months or or every three months.

Join by the 5th of the month to get that month’s parcel. They ship after the 18th of the month. It takes about two weeks after notification of payment to you receive your box of goodies.

Is it worth it?

This box works great for Lulu as she loves treats!! And these are healthy, easy for her to chew and they don’t give her an upset tummy. So it works really well for us.

Other dog subscription boxes

Lulu is going to be doing a review of Waggley Club soon… You can also find a list of other dog subscription boxes in the Joy in the Post Subscription Box Directory under the category of pets.