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17 books that were a hit with my 17 month old

This month Chloe has been devouring books. Here is a round-up of our favourites when Chloe was 17 months old.

Books about farm animals

This month I included a good selection of books about ‘Farm Animals’ on our bookshelf to prepare for a trip to see some farm animals at the end of this month We are going tomorrow actually! I’m pretty excited.

The rest of the shelf

DK My First Body

At first Chloe seemed puzzled by this book with it’s real life images. Am I supposed to know these people? Then after a few reads she mostly wanted to look at the page with the emotions.

We can spend quite a while just looking at and discussing – well me discussing 🙂 this page.

We also enjoy counting our toes together.

Purchase a copy of My First Body from Amazon – $5.99

Very First Book of Things to Spot – Fiona Watt

I wasn’t too sure how this book would go down. But I was pleasantly surprised, this book made me realise that my toddler knows way more words and concepts than I thought!

It’s not a story book but kind-of like a toddler version of ‘Where’s Wally’. There are things to spot and find on each page. For example:

  • Find a sleepy owl.
  • Who’s wearing red boots?

Once you get good at it, you could start making up your own questions as the illustrations have so many different things to explore.

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Bus stops – Taro Gomi

Chloe has been loving this book. We had this book last month but her interest in it changed and grew when she turned 17 months old. You can read a more in-depth review here.

Purchase a copy of Bus Stops from Amazon – $6.64

Jamberry – Bruce Degen

This has been a bedtime favourite over the past month. I have the board book version but I wish I had a much larger version as there is so much detail to look at. You can read a more in-depth review here.

Purchase a copy of Jamberry from Amazon – $7.96

Library finds

We picked these out from the library this month.

Singing in the Rain – Tim Hopgood

She loves this book. It starts out with kids in the city and then they float over to the jungle with their umbrellas. Chloe loves looking at the jungle animals – jaguar (leopard?), toucans, parrot, butterflies, monkeys, lizards etc. So we kind of sing the song and stop to point things out.

At Christmas time last year (when Chloe was 11 months old) she really loved Winter Wonderland also by Tim Hopgood. We borrowed both of these books from our local library.

Purchase a copy of Singing in the Rain from Amazon – $11.98

My First Beach – Campbell Books

This book has lift a flaps and touch and feel parts. With this book I haven’t been reading the text, we’ve just been going though and pointing at different things. I use it as a ‘Where’s Wally’ type game. Where’s the crab etc. We have been using it to spot the following items – dog, crab, fish, turtle, jellyfish (bit hit and miss with this animal), seagull and clouds.

We borrowed this from the library. On the back it actually says that it is best suited for babies.

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We are Better Together – Roger Priddy

We’ve borrowed this one a few times before and it is one that I like personally as it labels objects and has some sweet messages in it about working together and that all you need is ‘a little team spirit’.

Purchase a copy of We are Better Together from Amazon – $7.60

Odd Dog Out – Rob Biddulph

The last week or so, this has been a daily read. I love this book as it has such a sweet message about being true to yourself. Plus sausage dogs are adorable!

Purchase a copy of Odd Dog Out from Amazon – $9.93

A Thank You Walk: A story about gratitude – Nancy Lowen

I love the idea of teaching Chloe about gratitude and being grateful for the daily beauty in life. Ironically I think that toddlers already do this, as everything is new and magical to them. So perhaps it is more me that needs the reminder to appreciate the little things in life!

I was curious to see if my daughter would like this book as the illustrations are just in black, white and orange.

I was pleasantly surprised that she enjoyed this book and wanted to read it multiple times. I think it timed well with her just being able to say ‘neigh’ and the book features this word. So she loved looking at the page with the horse over and over again.

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Still loving from last month

You can read more about the books we were loving at 16 months here.

Now over to you?

What books have you been reading this month?

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