Sanrio Crate ‘Friendship’ – March 2017 review

Sanrio Crate ‘Friendship’ – March 2017 review

Hooray! This week my second Sanrio Crate arrived in the mail. This month’s theme is Friendship and features Hello Kitty, the Little Twins, Patty & Jimmy, Dear Daniel, Mimmy and My Melody.

Sanrio Crate is a quarterly subscription from Loot Crate. The next edition is due out by end of June 2017.

First look

The goodies

Little Twins Infinity Scarf
$24 US for similar scarf in the Sanrio store

Sanrio Crate says ‘Kiki and Lala are twin stars born on Omoiyari Star. The pastel foil print captures the twinkle of the starry skies and the sweetness of Little Twin Stars! You won’t find this one-of-a-kind scarf anywhere but the Sanrio Small Gift Crate!’

This is my favourite item from this month’s box. The scarf is light weight and very sparkley! I’m planning to wear it with jeans, a black tee and pink ballet flats.

Little Twins Stars Stackable Mugs
$34 US for similar mugs in the Sanrio store

Sanrio Crate says ‘A sweet way to share a mug of cocoa with a friend! This ceramic Little Twin Stars mug set features Kiki on the blue mug and Lala on the pink one. The little star on the handle makes a great hook to loop your tea bag string! The mugs are stackable, making them easy to store or bring along on a picnic!’

These are super cute. I usually like bigger mugs as a drink a lot of tea! But I feel like these will be fun to get out when I’m enjoying a cup of tea with a friend 🙂

Hello Kitty & Mimmy Letter Set
$7 US for similar set in Sanrio store

Sanrio Crate says ‘Hello Kitty and Mimmy are not only best friends: they’re twin sisters too! Stay in touch with your best friends or pen pals with this sweet letter set. Use the sticker sheet to personalize your letters, and send them off with these supercute envelopes.’

Hello Kitty stationery is the best! So fun and reminds me I’ve my pen pal days. I may use these or keep these as a gift.

Sanrio Friendship Trinket Mini Sticky Tape Dispenser
$2 US guesstimation

Sanrio Crate says ‘Use this supercute mini-tape dispenser to seal your envelopes or wrap small gifts! Or just keep it collectible and in mint condition!’

Awwww so sweet, it’s an itty bitty sticky tape dispenser. I’ll use this for gift wrapping tiny gifts. My roll of sticky tape is red so it will be good for little Christmas gifts or crafts.

Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel Mamepuchi Plush Set
$8 US each

Sanrio Crate says ‘Two new Mamepuchi plushes just for you! Hello Kitty and her special friend Dear Daniel are featured in this plush set, exclusive to Sanrio Small Gift Crate.’

Oh so soft to touch. These are like the Disney Tsum Tsum collectibles. I’m undecided about what to do with these little guys. I might put them in my car on the dashboard or I might put them in my gift pile.

Patty and Jimmy Enamel Pin Set
$30 US guesstimation?!

Sanrio Crate says ‘These two best friends are going places! This enamel pin set features two 3inch pins of Patty and Jimmy sharing a balloon. Give one to your best friend of complete the heart by wearing them together.’

This pin is gorgeous. I’ve actually not heard of Patty and Jimmy before but the pin is good quality.

My Melody Charm
$7 for a similar key chain on

Sanrio Crate says ‘My Melody is the ultimate friend: she’s honest, good-natured and loves to share! This gold and red My Melody pin is reminiscent of her classic look, and can be connected to the Hello Kitty metal keychain from the first Sanrio Small Gift Crate to keep the friends together wherever you go.’

I like how they have included something that matches an item from last quarter’s box. Matching key charms make me happy.

How much does it cost?

Loot Crate is an US based company that ships internationally. Within the US it will cost $34.99 plus shipping.

Prices for other countries, including shipping (as of 16 March 2017) are:

  • Australia $65.76
  • Canada $66.95
  • New Zealand $68.61
  • Singapore $70.56
  • UK £40.99.

If you want to get $5 off your first box, use my Loot Crate referral link.

Is it worth it?

Overall for me this was another good box. I worked out the value to be $120 US dollars. The box promises to deliver at least $75, so I think they hit well past the dollar value for this box 😉

If you are in the US your getting good value for money and super cute Sanrio merch. If you don’t live in the US, your not getting as good a deal on the value for money side of things but you are getting a fun surprise of Sanrio items sent to your house. Which if you love Sanrio gear is worth it!

Who should subscribe to this box? Hello Kitty and Sanrio fans. This would make a great gift too!

The theme for next quarter is Vacation and it will feature Hello Kitty, Keroppi and Tuxedosam.  This box ships towards the end of June. For the March box my box shipped right on 31 March. So I expect to receive the box in early July. I’m wondering if it will have a pair of beach going shoes, as all subscribers have been asked to update their details with their shoe size.


Loot Crate – Sanrio Box December 2016 review

Loot Crate – Sanrio Box December 2016 review

When I saw that Loot Crate had a Sanrio Box I just couldn’t resist. I know I’m a bit old for it but I love Hello Kitty and all her friends. If you want to get $5 off your first Sanrio Box use this link.

This box is quarterly. I received this box in December and the next box is due at the end of March (which is soon!).

First look

Sanrio Crate - December 2016

The products

Hello Sanrio Pocket Tee

Hello Sanrio Pocket Tee
$20 – $40 for a similar shirt on

Sanrio says ‘Ever wish you could carry some characters around in your pocket? Wish granted! Featuring Hello Kitty, Badtz-Maru, Pompompurin, My Melody, Keroppi, Chococat and Pochacco, this kawaii tee lets you take your Sanrio friends with you wherever you go!’.

This is my favourite item from the box. I put it on that day! It’s comfy and cute. I put down my size as a small. The shirt is quite long, I’m not sure if that is the style or if I should have gone a size down.

Hello Kitty Sparkle Figure

Hello Kitty Sparkle Figure

Sanrio says ‘It’s no secret that we love Hello Kitty, but guess what – we also love glitter! This supercute figure combines our two favourite things into one awesome collectible.’

This item was the sneak peek item and I wasn’t too sold on it at the time but in real life I love it. The photos just don’t do it justice!

Hello Kitty Stationery Dec 2016

Hello Sanrio Notebook, scented erasers and pen
$8 for similar pen on
$10 for erasers, there is a similar set of two erasers on
$11 for similar notebook on

Sanrio says ‘Take notes the supercute Sanrio way with this notebook, pen and eraser set! The notebook includes a sticker sheet to add sweetness to your pages. The black ink pen features three character charms: Hello Kitty, Keroppi and Chocoat. The collectible jar holds nine strawberry scented mini-erasers. Yummy!’

I’m going to save the notebook and erasers as a gift but the pen has made its way to my desk.

Hello Sanrio Pouch - Dec 2016

Hello Sanrio Pouch
$13 for a similar pouch on

Sanrio says ‘Carry your school supplies, cosmetics, or other tiny treasures in this perfect pouch featuring an allover Hello Sanrio print! The detachable charm and golden Hello Kitty bow are fabulous finishing touches.’

This is a nice quality pouch. I’m undecided yet whether I’ll use it or add it to my gift pile.

Hello Kitty Bag Charm - Dec 2016

Hello Kitty Bag Charm
$7 for a similar key chain on

Sanrio says, ‘This charming bag charm features Hello Kitty in a classic pose. Holding her signature red bow, she also hold our heart! Attach her to your favourite item for instant happiness!’

A simple way to add a bit of Hello Kitty sweetness into your day.

How much does it cost?

Loot Crate is an US based company that ships internationally. Within the US it will cost $34.99 plus shipping.

Prices for other countries, including shipping (as of 26 March 2017) are:

  • Australia $65.76
  • Canada $66.95
  • New Zealand $68.61
  • Singapore $70.56
  • UK £40.99.

If you want to get $5 off your first box, use my Loot Crate referral link.

Is it worth it?

Overall for me this was a fun box. I’m looking forward to the next box. I wonder if you get a shirt each time, because I love Sanrio shirts and a new one each box would seal the deal for me. I worked out the value to be $79 – $99 US dollars, the Sanrio store pricing is in US Dollars 😉

If you are in the US your getting good value for money and super cute Sanrio merch. If you don’t live in the US, your not getting as good a deal on the value for money side of things but you are getting a fun surprise of Sanrio items sent to your house. Which if you love Sanrio gear is worth it!

This box ships quarterly and I expect the next box to be rocking up at my house in the next two weeks. Hooray!

Who should subscribe to this box? Hello Kitty and Sanrio fans. This would make a great gift too!

*Sock* Flow review

*Sock* Flow review

Sockflow is a Norwegian based sock subscription that ships funky Japanese socks world wide.

I love cute socks, why wear boring ones is my mantra!

The patterns are great, and they do men’s, women’s and children’s sock subscriptions.

kindly sent me a women’s subscription sample.


The socks

I received two socks.

How much does it cost?

Sockflow has eight different levels of subscriptions to cover off men’s, women’s and children’s socks.

Two women’s socks cost $20 US a month and includes free shipping world wide.

Was it worth it?

I thought these socks were super fun and good quality. I don’t wear a lot of socks, so for me this would be an occasional subscription. But if you wore socks everyday and like fun socks, you should check out this subscription.

Who should buy it?

Sock lovers! It would also make a great gift for the corporate guy who likes to add a pop of sneaky fun into their everyday work wear.
*StudioWedBox* review – August 2015

*StudioWedBox* review – August 2015

As part of my wedding planning, I have been subscribing to StudioWedBox. I like receiving this box every month as it helps me with wedding ideas and gives me plenty of inspiration.

Here’s what has been in the last few boxes.

May – Studio Wed Box #7

Theme – mailing out the invitations

Items received – cute thank you stamp and gold ink pad from A Sensible Habit, moistener bottle to help stick down all those envelopes, black felt tip pen, envelopes and cards from the Paper Source and a necklace trinket.

I am glad to have discovered the Paper Source – I love these So Happy Together Coasters, table numbers and photo prop kit.

June – StudioWedBox #8

Theme – All about the bridal party!

Items – Pearl stud earrings from Amy O Jewellery, make up pouch from Mainstreet Collection, Jack Black Shaving Kit and Mainstreet Collection bow tie.

July – StudioWedBox #9

Theme – It’s time to celebrate

Items – a dice game (to keep the kids entertained), small picture frame from Kate Aspen (suggested as a way to display your table numbers), confetti push pop from Thimble Press and Toss Me lavender buds from Pressed Cotton.

The suppliers from this box lead me on a little day dream adventure…

Pressed Cotton ship world wide and they have quite a few goodies that I like. I like these tiny clear glass bottles for little flower arrangements as table centrepieces. The Toss Me bag that I got in the box is pretty cute too. I think I could fill them with rose petals. I’d love to do confetti, but my ceremony venue has a no confetti policy, but you can do flower petals or biodegradable things. I’m also hearting this gold paper table runner and placemats.

Thimble Press ship world wide as well, from them I am hearting the balloons and cards.

The picture frame from Kate Aspen came with a 25% off with orders over $50 voucher. This is more for an engagement party, but I love the He asked, she said yes paper coasters. My other faves from this store include the Mr & Mrs straws, love cake topper and the country charm kissing bell.

August – StudioWedBox #10

Theme – Hit the road

Items help I’m tired caffeine alertness aid, Sky Ready travel kit, Keep calm and fly away luggage tag from Flight001 and The Laundress Wash & Stain bar.

I think this is a good little honey moon travel kit. I’m keen to try The Laundress soap, as I have been wanting to try this brand for a while. I like that it brings a bit of luxury to such a boring task.

How much does it cost?

StudioWedBox has a 12 month ($29.99US), six month ($34.99US) and monthly ($39.99US) option for the US and Canada. International shipping of $10US per month is available on the $39.99 option, making it $49.99 a month. The international shipping option takes approximately 15 plus days.

I’m in Australia so I am using the international shipping option. Using today’s US dollar it would cost $68.30 AUD.

Is it worth it?

I have really been enjoying my StudioWedBox journey. It gives me ideas for suppliers to check out and it’s a nice friendly reminder each month in the wedding planning process.

Who should subscribe to this box: brides-to-be! I also think that it would make a nice gift for a friend or family member getting married.

Want more? Read previous StudioWedBox reviews to see if it is the right fit for you.

*Dapper* Box review – August 2015

*Dapper* Box review – August 2015

Dapper Box is a monthly men’s styling box based in the US. They do ship internationally though, so worth a look if you aren’t based in the US.

Each month Dapper Box sends a box of 4 – 5 men’s accessories with the aim of making you or the man in your life look effortlessly good.

The team at Dapper Box kindly sent me their August 2015 box to review.

First look

I was quite surprised how light the box felt, but when I opened it up I wasn’t disappointed. This box doesn’t have an information card, which is probably a good thing for a men’s box as it probably doesn’t get read! I have done my best to find similar products online to compare prices.

The products

Blue spot socks
Guesstimation $12 US

Who doesn’t like bright, vibrant socks to jazz up their outfit? I found that a similar pair of Happy Socks sells for $12 US.

White Pocket Round with Blue Trim
Guesstimation $25 US

A twist on an old classic. I like that this is a variation of the traditional pocket square (handkerchief). I think that it adds to the appeal of the Dapper Box to have items that are fresh and on trend! I had a search for a similar pocket round online and found the Alexander Olch Linen Pocket Round at Nordstrom for $60 US.

Silk blue spot tie
Guesstimation $19 US

This is a stylish work tie; that feels nice to touch. The tag says it is 100% silk. My fiance liked the tie, so it got a tick from him. I’m not an expert in buying ties, but I had a look online for something similar and found a Royal Blue Tie with Spots at The Tie Bar for $19.

Frozen Tundra Aftershave Splash by Stirling Soap
Sample size 5 ml
Sample value $2.50 US

Metal collar stays x 2
Guesstimation 50 cents

The inclusion of these two items rounds out a nice collection of men’s accessories. My fiance is keen to try the Aftershave Splash, although not too sure about the metal collar stays. So we’ll have to look at the shirts he has and see if any of them could use the collar stays.

How much does it cost?

Dapper Box has a few different plans that you can choose from:

  • Monthly subscription $29 US
  • 3 month subscription $81 US (save $6)
  • 6 month subscription $150 US (save $24)
  • 12 month subscription $276 (save $72).

Shipping within the US is free and international shipping costs $8 US per box.

Is it worth it?

If you need to look snazzy for work and would rather have a team of style pros pick a tie and socks combo for you every month, then yes I think this box would be a good fit for you. This would also make a great subscription for your dad, partner or brother if they work in an office. My fiance liked receiving the goodies!

Who should subscribe to this box? Stylish efficient men who like to save time and look trendy.

Wantable Accessories review – June 2015

Wantable Accessories review – June 2015

I was pretty happy with my June Wantable Accessories box. I received four items that will add a bit of pizazz to my wardrobe.

There are a few different options when it comes to Wantable subscriptions. You can subscribe to Accessories, Make-Up, Intimates, Fitness or Style.
Wantable uses a style quiz to determine what items to send you each month. My profile is set to:
Love: scarves, necklaces, glam and classic
Like: hair accessories, bracelets, earrings, multi-tone gold tone, silver tone and mix n match
Dislike: sunglasses, watches, rings, boho and rock n roll
The idea is that you receive more of the items you love and none of the items you dislike.

First look

The products

Lily Scarf Ivory
Wantable values this at $24 US

Wantable says – This scarf is a lace infinity scarf. Style Tip: Wear with a floral top.’

This is a nice light scarf and I plan to use it to dress up jeans or with a pretty dress.

Ashton Earrings

Wantable values this at $16 US

Wantable says -‘ The Ashton earrings are a coral and mint stone stud. Style Tip: These earrings look amazing with a long coral dress.’

Well I don’t have a long coral dress but I do have a coral top. I wore the two together last night and it was a good match.
Abbie Necklace S
Wantable values this at $42 US

Wantable says – ‘This gorgeous necklace features shades of blue and glamorous stones. Style Tip: Pair with simple silver studs.’

Wow. This is a gorgeous statement necklace. I need to book somewhere fancy for dinner, so I can wear this :-)
Carly Bracelet G
Wantable values this at $16 US

Wantable says -‘This bracelet features an interlinked chain with a toggle closure. Style Tip: Layer with a watch!’

This bracelet is sweet but chunky at the same time. The ends of the toggle have little diamantes on them. Which adds a bit of sparkle. This bracelet is a great size on me and a classic look that will go great with my Basic Little Black Dress from Popbasic’s Serendipity Collection.

How much does it cost?

Wantable costs $40 US for the first box and then each box after that will cost you $36 US. Shipping within the US is free. Shipping to Canada is $6 US, the UK is $7 US and to Australia the shipping costs $10 US.
As I’m based in Australia, I spent $46US which on today’s Aussie Dollar converts to $62.95.

Was it worth it?

I really liked this month’s box. Everything in it was a winner for me and I feel like I got value for money. E.g. If I want to somewhere like Collette, I would have paid about the same. The reason why this subscription works well for me, is that I am terrible at making decisions about accessories and after looking for ages in-store I generally walk away with nothing :-( So this takes the pain out of that process for me and makes me look super stylish with minimal effort.
Who should subscribe to this box: Women who want to look stylish and on-trend with minimal effort.
Out-of-My-Comfort-Zone pick: The Lily Scarf is something I wouldn’t have picked on my own, but it is absolutely gorgeous on.