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Favourite books to read with my 18 month old

When Chloe was 18 months old we both really loved reading the following books.

Rainbow Pups by Sophie Beer

Pre-order Rainbow Pups at Amazon – $6.57

Since Chloe turned 18 months old she has really enjoyed colours. This book includes another one of Chloe’s favourite things – dogs. So it has been a win-win.

This book has helped with Chloe’s colours:

  • At 18 months she started saying and identifying – pink and blue.
  • She is now 19 months she can say and identify – pink, red, blue, purple, green and orange.

This book isn’t available in the US until February 2020. We have a copy of the Australian published version. You can currently pre-order on Amazon.

I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klasson

Buy I Want My Hat Back at Amazon – $6.75

A beautifully illustrated picture book about a very patient and polite bear who has lost his hat.

This was a gift from a friend of ours who brought it for their grandchildren in Germany and they love it. It’s quite simple and enjoyable to read.

The plot is delightfully revengeful and at the end hints at the bear eating the rabbit who stole his hat! I know that being revengeful is not something I want to encourage in Chloe but in this book it’s done in such an innocent way, that it doesn’t seem to matter at this time.

So I’ll be interested to see how she grows with it, once she grasps that concept. But at 18 months it has been a winner!

We have the paperback version but it is also available as a board book.

Peep Inside a Tree

Buy Peep Inside a Tree at Amazon – $11.09

The illustrations in this book are delightful. I originally brought it as a book for the plane when we were travelling when my daughter was 12 months old. It worked a treat on the trip and has been floating in and out of our book shelf rotation since then.

Chloe likes to say ‘Shhh’ on the caterpillar page and tap the page where the woodpecker is pecking. She also like to point out the bunny rabbit, dog and cat.

Last week I brought another book from the series Peep Inside Night Time by the same author and illustrator. We are currently enjoying this one too (at 20 months old).

Ocean inspired reads

Chloe has been loving fish and the ocean, it’s also a theme they’ve been incorporating at her day care. Here are her faves at 18 months.

Hooray for Fish by Lucy Cousins

Buy from Amazon – $8.49

Little Fish has so many fishy friends to spot in the ocean with this gem from author Lucy Cousins.

And at the end we meet Little Fish’s favourite fish of all – Mummy! Which is a super sweet way to end the book. It includes kisses as well. I always love any opportunity to plant kisses on my toddlers cute little cheeks.

My toddler is only 18 months old and is just starting to work on combining two words together e.g. Mum’s shoes. So this will be a good book for working on two word phrases, as it includes many examples:

  • happy fish
  • grumpy fish
  • stripy fish
  • spotty fish
  • shy fish.

If you’d like something with lift-a-flaps, we also have and love Where is Little Fish?. We’ve been rotating this in and out of our bookshelf since Chloe was 6 months old.

Max by Marc Martin

Buy from Amazon – $14.16

A lovely tale about a Seagull and his friend Bob who runs a Fish and Chips shop. The illustrations are beautiful and bright.

Chloe has been enjoying this book very much. She loves to say ‘Max’ and ‘Fish’. Update – at 20 months she has also learnt ‘chips’! Ops…

It’s nice to be a Narwhal by Stuart Lynch

Buy from Amazon – $9.79

I brought this on a whim when shopping for a friend’s birthday gift and we’ve been loving it.

The illustrations are super cute and my daughter loves playing with the two way sequins. It’s quite enjoyable actually, I like playing with the sequins too!

Although this book looks simple, it has lots to talk about. We point out the colours of the different sequins, the other sea creatures (fish, jelly fish, crabs, lobsters and turtles), there is also a dress ups page and a musical instrument page.

Her favourite words to say when reading this book are ‘Fish’ and ‘Turtle’.

Still loving from her 17 month old list of favourites?

She is still loving:

Odd Dog Out by Rob Biddulph – I love this book as it has such a sweet message about being true to yourself. Plus sausage dogs are adorable! Purchase a copy of Odd Dog Out from Amazon – $10.16

Jamberry – I have the board book version but I wish I had a much larger version as there is so much detail to look at. You can read a more in-depth review here. Purchase a copy of Jamberry from Amazon – $6.99

Bus Stops – We have a bus stop near our house and I think this has peaked her interest in buses. She is also animal obsessed and particularly likes looking at the pages with the cow and the horse. You can read a more in-depth review here. Purchase a copy of Bus Stops from Amazon – $6.69

Maisy’s Morning on the Farm by Lucy Cousins – This is a fun book that we also like to act out with our duplo farm animals set.

First Farm Words by Roger Priddy – This is a small size and easy for Chloe to handle. It has lots of real life photos of different farm animals. I think this helps give her an idea of what they look like in real life.

You can read her full list of 17 month old favourites here.

Got a younger baby?

We’ve also written about our favourite books for ages:

What are you reading at the moment and what have been your favourite books for this age? Please join in the conversation and let everyone know.

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