Just as Planned Review – January 2015

This month’s theme for the Just as Planned Bridal Box was wedding stationery.

First look

 The products

RSVP envelope in Tickled Pink
Sample value $0.99

Just as Planned says – ‘The perfect size for a rsvp and cost effective for mailing $9.95 for a pack of 10.’

C6 size Coco Linen (pette pink) envelope
Sample value $1.49

Just as Planned says – ‘These envelopes have a high fashion look of Linen $14.95 for a pack of 10.’

DL envelope in Diamond White
Sample value $0.99

Just as Planned says – ‘A classic colour with a sprinkle of glitter. $9.95 for a pack of 10.’

DL envelope in Cocktail
Sample value $1.29

Just as Planned says – ‘Black envelopes add a touch of elegance, Surprise your guests with the invitation inside. $12.95 for a pack of 10.’

Wow I’m surprised by how much envelopes cost! These envelopes are all nice quality. My favourite of the four is the Diamond White envelope. Very white wedding glamour 🙂

Ezra envelope seals in Beetroot
Sample size – 12 stickers
Sample value $1.95

These are quite fancy. I’ve noticed they also come in a pretty aqua blue colour.

Silver Heart envelope seals
Sample size – 12 stickers
Sample value $1.95 (guesstimation, I couldn’t find these online)

Pre-cut DL cards one in pink and one in silver
Sample value $2

Just as Planned says – ‘Create your own invitations with our pre-cut cards – available in a range of colours and sizes.’

I like that this are already scored for easy folding. I’m going to have a look into this a bit more as I think it would be fun to make my own invitations.

Designer Paper range samples
Sample size – Nine A4 decorative papers in different patterns and colours
Sample value $9

Just as Planned says – ‘Get creative and make your own invitations or allow Just as Planned to create and design them for you.’

I love paper craft so these will get used for a project somewhere along the way. I’m feeling pretty excited to make my own invitations. I feel like it will be a fun project.


Swish heart place card holder
Sample value $5

Just as Planned says – ‘Adding a modern touch of glam to your table decoration. These can be used as a way to display your place card or table number and can also be your wedding favour for guests to place a picture from your wedding on display.’

This is a cute little card/photo holder. It’s also quite solid, which I think is important. You don’t want something that falls over all the time! Included in the box was a table card nmber that is photo size. I think a slightly smaller card might sit better in the grove. PS – I have no idea why the groom has no mouth!

Mini scalloped tin frame
Sample value $14.95

Just as Planned says – ‘So versatile, it can be used as a welcome sign for guests, a ring bearers sign to carry down the aisle to announce “here comes the bride” or a unique table number sign.’

I like the idea of using this somewhere as a little sign. The sign is about the size of a DL envelope. They also have a larger sized one in their store for $19.95.

Paper Luminary Bag
Sample value $1.45

Just as Planned says – ‘Our paper luminaries create a romantic ambiance at your outdoor wedding. Use to line walkways of the perimeter of a reception setting. For outdoor use only. We recommend the use of LED candles for safety.’

What a clever decorating idea. I hadn’t even thought of this. I’ve seen something similar to this used at an outdoor dance performance and it looked really special.

Party Feet Foldable Ballet Flats by Scholl
Sample value $10.95

Just as Planned says – ‘Get your dancing feet ready. A unique idea is to supply all your female wedding guests with ballet flats. This allows them to kick off the heels and dance the night away.’

Yay! I love ballet flats 🙂 Only probably is that the pair I received is size 9 – 10 and I have itty bitty feet. So I’ll be giving these away to a friend. I like the idea though…

How much does it cost?

Just as Planned has the following subscription options:

  •  monthly for $39.95 per month
  • 2 months for $75 (save $4.90)
  • 3 months for $110 (save $9.85)
  • 6 months for $225 (save $14.70)
  • 12 months for $439.45 (save $39.95 which is really one free box)

I subscribed for 3 months and at the time there was a 25% discount. So each box cost me $27.50.

Was it worth it?

This month’s box had over $50 worth of items. Only thing is I don’t really feel like I got $50 worth of value. I guess because the items were mostly light paper based products. Funny how the brain works!

Getting this box has made me think about stationery and that I would like to make my own handmade ones. So it has been a good way to get my thinking. I also hadn’t even thought about table numbers or name cards! So that was a good reminder as well.

This was the last box of my three month subscription. I’m still trying to decide if to resubscribe for another few months. If you’d like to see more Just as Planned reviews please let me know in the comments.

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