Mr Earl – March 2014 review

UPDATE – Mr Earl has closed up shop as of November 2014.

My first Mr Earl box arrived last Friday. Hooray!

Mr Earl is an Australian tea subscription service. Each month they send you three new teas to try.

The box

I took a photo to show you how it compares in size to my Harvest Box subscription. It is about twice as big.

The products

Prana Chai – Masala Blend (wet)
Valued at $19 for 250 grams

Mr Earl says – ‘The season has officially changed and as we move towards crisp autumn mornings and cosy evenings tucked up with a blanket and our tea, I’m super excited to have our first chai in the box! It’s one of my favourite comfort teas and you really can’t go past Prana Chai for quality and flavour. The chunky spices have been carefully selected and remain whole to remain maximum flavour. My suggestion, prepare on the stovetop with soy. YUM!’

I am a huge chai fan so I opened this one first. I was suprised to see that it was wet even though it says that in the description, I was still caught out. It is sticky from the honey and smells delicious. The instructions said to prepare it in a saucepan but I was feeling lazy so I just made it up like a regular tea. It was nice but a little bit weak so next time I’ll add more of the mix into my little tea strainer.

She-Tea – Booze Hound
Valued at $18 for 50 grams

Mr Earl says – ‘For all of you who over indulged or did your fair share of partying this summer, I selected She-Tea’s Booze Hound just for you! A wonderfully cleansing herbal tea, your body will thank you (or me) for this one. And whilst She-Tea have crafted their range around the “busy woman” I’m pretty certain you men out there will love this one as much as I do!’

Oh I love a good pep me up tea. Filled with marigold petals, peppermint, liquorice root, blue mallow and hibiscus this tea was refreshing. During the week I have been having it as an after lunch pick me up and it works a treat!

Robyn Lee Tea – Jasmine Pearl (Buddha’s Tears) Green Tea
Valued at $20 for 100 grams

Mr Earl says – ‘Robyn Lee knows her tea. Living in Asia for almost 30 years of her life, Robyn is now passionate about sharing her tea journey and offering her favourite Chinese and herbal blends to tea lovers here in Australia. Her Jasmine Pearls are just divine, the depth of flavours a testament to genuine quality.’

This was a nice green tea, it reminded me of T2’s Gunpowder Green Tea. The tea comes in little balls and they unfurl in the hot water. I used 6 of the little tea balls in my tea strainer to make one cup of tea.

How much does it cost?

Mr Earl has three different subscription options:

  • ‘the tea-ser’ is a 1 month subscription for $20
  • ‘tea me up’ is a 3 month subscription for $45, which works out to be $15 a month
  • ‘tea addict’ is a 6 month subscription for $78, which works out to be $13 a month.

I subscribed to the 1 month subscription to give it a whirl.

How good was the shipping?

The website says that it will ship on the last day of the previous month (which would have been Friday 28 February) and I got mine on Thursday 6 March, so I consider that pretty good!

Where does Mr Earl ship to?

At the moment Mr Earl is only shipping to Australia but they have a note on their website that says if you ask nicely they may ship outside Australia 😉

Was it worth it?

You supposedly get 20 cups out of your three samples. I haven’t counted it out but if that is the case than each tea has cost me $1. If I was on the 3 month subscription it would be better value at 0.75 cents a cup. The 6 month subscription would even better value at 0.65 cents a cup. However I think the joy of the subscription comes from having three yummy different teas posted to you to try. I am quite pleased with this box and would order it again!

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