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Native Box review – August 2013

This is my second Native Box in my three month subscription.

First look

The Products

Rainforest Remedies Lemon Myrtle Lip Balm
Sample size 5 grams
Sample value $5.60
Native Box says – ‘An all natural blend or rich smoothing fruit and nut oils with organic Lemon Myrtle, to moisturise, protect and smooth the lips.’
I’ve popped this in my handbag for those moments when I need a soothing lip balm. It smells lemony fresh and the texture reminds me of the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Lip Balm.
Sample size 40 grams x 2 packs
Sample value $4 approximately
Native Box says – ‘With its unique star like elongated shape, the original Soy Snack is golden brown in colour. Made from Australian soybeans and cooked in sunflower oil, it is a good source of dietary fibre.’
Yum! These were tasty. I used to get a product similar to these in Woolworths. They had a spicy flavour to them and were so more-ish, which is why I had to stop getting them! I was eating too many. These are a plain version but still tasty.
Sample size 20 grams
Sample value 75 cents
Native Box says – ‘An ideal gluten free snack any time of the day, in the school lunch box or at home for adults and children what a great natural treat!’
Oh I’d forgotten all about these tasty snacks. I used to buy these all the time. I think I’ll pick up another box on my next grocery trip. Tasty strips of dehydrated fruit. Like a grown up version of a ‘roll-up’.
Botanical Blends Magnesium Oil
Sample size 10ml approximately
Sample value $2
Native Box says – ‘Sourced from ancient sea beds in Europe, Botanical Blends’ Magnesium Oil is a fantastic and convenient alternative to taking magnesium tablets. The topical application is perfect for muscle cramping and tightness. Those with Fibromyalgia complaints have also provided us with fantastic feedback! Magnesium Chloride works quickly to relax muscles and raise magnesium levels12 times faster than oral supplementation, by-passing the digestive process completely. It increases cellular energy, assists in calming nerves and a general state of wellbeing.’
My boyfriend gets muscle cramps and restless legs. We have been using this and it seems to be helping 🙂
Sample size 1 gram
Sample value 5 cents
Native Box says – ‘Pure salt sources are scarce today due to pollution of land and sea – ours is a low carbon footprint, evaporated product (not mined) and is carefully tested against heavy metal contamination. This is the prefect healthy seasoning prized by master chefs with a deep robust flavour – the rich mineralization, containing many trace minerals and elements, creates a lovely pale pink colour. The terraced salt ponds are owned by over 380 individual indigenous families, so why not enjoy gourmet quality flavour with profits being reinvested in traditional local communities?’
I’m saving this cute little packet to take on a picnic or for my next order of fish and chips.
Woodland Lane Wooden Pencil
Sample value $2 approximately
Native Box says – ‘The Woodland Lane Rainbow Pencil is an example of the sustainable stationery available in our store. We love stationery that is sustainable, stylish and fun. Our range includes recycled leather products for your iPad, erasers made from recycled rubber, Australian designed gift cards made from recycled paper, a range of sustainable pencils and much more!’
Cute pencil. I’m unsure yet as whether I will save it to use as part of a gift pack or if I’ll use if to write my daily to-do lists. I did check this online store out and it does have some quite good items. I’m loving the gift cards and applegreenduck calico bags.
Sample size 25ml (guesstimation)
Sample value $17.50
Native Box says – ‘Natural Skin Care & Healing Care Luxurious face creams, balancing toners and other beauty treatments including wrinkle reduction serums, and antioxidant masks. Enriched with natural extracts from flowers, seeds and leaves, with unique therapeutic properties to heal, treat and revive the skin.’
I quite like this moisturiser. I have been using it in the mornings. It goes on nice and light, spreads really easily across my skin. Smells nice too 🙂 Although I just looked at the website and realised it has cucumber in it. Yuck!
Bonus Product
Sample size 30ml
Sample value $17.50
Each month with Native Box you receive a bonus product. This month there was 7 bonus products you could receive. I received the Springfields Natural Health Rejuvenating Moisturiser with Jojoba & White Tea. It smells nice. It is a face moisturiser but I have actually been using it on my feet! It works a treat. Although both times I have used it, I have felt like the scent gets in my eyes and makes them a bit watery.

How much does it cost?

The price of Native Boxes has now gone up. I purchased 3 months for $59.85 in July. The new prices for September onwards are:

  • month to month subscriptions of Native Box will cost $24.95
  • 3 months subscriptions will cost $69.90
  • 12 month subscriptions will cost $259.20.

Where does it post to?

Native Box is an Australian based subscription that offers international shipping. Hooray!

Was it worth it?

Yes. I love getting a real variety of products that are made by people who care about being eco-friendly and healthy.

This month I received 9 goodies in total. I estimated that the samples were worth just under $50 which is more than double what I paid for the box! So it is value for money as well as being eco-friendly. Love it. I’m looking forward to next month!

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