Native Box review – July 2013

I was super excited after opening my Native Box as it was jam packed with stuff.

When you first order Native Box it ships the following Monday, unless they have run out of boxes for that month. The next box ships on the normal schedule, which is usually the first week of the month.

The outer box…

The inner box…

First look…


The products

Olive Leaf Extract by Vabori Australia
Sample size 100 ML
Sample value $5.99

Native Box says – ‘Is a multi-purpose health food supplement that has been used all over the world by families for year-round health support. Immune system support, helping to reduce the severity and duration of cold and flu, improve cardiac and circulatory health maintenance. Increase and maintain high energy levels. Strong levels of antioxidant properties.’

This reminds me of wheat grass shots. I’ve tried it a few times with orange juice as a chaser, but I can’t see myself incorporating it into my usual routine. You are supposed to take 5 ML, three times a day. I find taking liquid vitamins a tad annoying. I’m more of  a tablet fan.

Franc Replenish Daily Moisteuriser and Sensitive 
Sample size 2 x 3ML foil sachets
Sample value $5.98

Native Box says – ‘Replenish – Daily moisture for radiant skin, a vitamin-packed silky cream for normal to dry skin types. Feel hydrated and look radiant. Franc Replenish gives your skin a smooth, youthful appearance. Sensitive – A comforting, soothing creme that reduces inflammation, replenishes moisture levels, and protects the skin all day. Your sensitive skin will appreciate this gentle yet highly effective moisteurising skin care product.’

I valued this at $5.98 as that is what it is technically valued at, however it looks like you can order free samples of this from the Franc website with your order.  I have tried out both moisteurisers over the last week and a half. I quite like the Replenish moisteuriser, it has made me skin glow and feel nice and smooth. It goes on quite thick, so more of a winter moisteuriser than a summer one.

Piranha Sea Salt Potato Grills
Sample size 20 grams
Sample value $1 approximately

Native Box says – ‘A potato based light and crunchy snack in an oval grill shape. Simply lightly salted and cooked in high oleic sunflower oil, PIRANHA Potato Grills are a delicious guilt free snack.’

These were tasty. Like a healthier version of salted chips. They also come in other flavours. I wouldn’t mind trying the Balsalmic Vinegar and Sea Salt or the Creamy Mild Mushroom.

Green Gove Organics Dark Chocolate Sun Muscuts
Sample size 4 Dark chocolated coated sun muscuts
Sample value 0.50 cents

Native Box says – ‘A luxurious smooth organic Belgian style chocolate, gently coating Australian Sun muscuts.’

OMG I’ve just realised that these are from the Junee Licorice & Chocolate Factory. I love that place. These were super tasty, I wish I had more. I never realised you could purchase chocolates from Junee online. What a find!

Botanical Blends Relief Plus
Sample size 20 grams (approx)
Sample value $4.80

Native Box says – ‘Is a natural anti-inflammatory cream ideal for both muscles and joint pain. Suitable for aches, sprains/strains, bruising and inflammation. The cream smells amazing but once applied, loses its scent, is fast acting and non greasy. It’s the first product on the market offering turmeric in a topical form.’

I tried this straight away on my wrist. I’ve had a sore wrist lately and I think that it is from my new desk set up or holding my phone awkwardly while I lay in bed and read my blog loving feed. I could definitely smell and feel the peppermint on my skin. It was quite a nice cooling product. I’m not sure if it is as good as tiger balm but I’m willing to give the rest of the bottle a go!

Noosa Chocolate – Organic Chocolate Goji Berries
Sample size 3 milk chocolate and 3 dark chocolated coated Goji Berries
Sample value 0.50 cents

Native Box says – ‘Whole organically certified Tibetan Goji Berries wrapped in premium Swiss Chocolate to create the ultimate, guilt-free, antioxidant indulgence.’

I’m saving this to sample during a 3pm chocolate craving this week. They look like tasty little morsels of goodness 🙂 The blueberry flavour on the website looks good too!

Phytocare Pure Papaya Ointment
Sample size 2ML (approx)
Sample value 0.60 cents

Native Box says – ‘All natural ingredients with a fantastic source of Vitamins and Minerals, great for our winter season to help heal and moisturise your skin!

I might keep this one handy for when I get wind burn on my lips.

Bondi Chai Stick Drink in Vanilla Honey Chai Latte
Sample size 14 grams
Sample value 0.93cents

Native Box says – ‘Bondi Chai is a seriously delicoius creamy-smooth blend of milk, honey, black tea, vanilla and exotic spices.’

Yay! I love chai. I was super excited to try this Chai Stick. I had heard great things and I was mostly impressed. I love really warm spicy chai’s and this one didn’t quite hit the spot with the spicy, it was sweet but not too sweet. So I really enjoyed this as a mid morning drink. I’m happy that they stock these at Woolies. Although I think I’ll try the Cinnamon first.

This was an either or item – other people received a Passion Projects Complex Green Powder Drink instead of the Bondi Chai. I’m super glad that I got the Bondi Chai though.

Ecodirect Doggy dun it bag and scoop
Sample size – a paper bag and a scooper
Sample value (I couldn’t find this online anywhere)

This was my bonus item. Unfortunately I didn’t have the scoop in my box. I emailed Native Box to see if I could get one and they emailed me back within a few hours. They had really lovely customer service and sent out the scooper to me straight away.

How much does it cost?

A month to month subscription of Native Box costs $20.95. You can also prepay for 3 months at a cost of $59.85 or 12 months at $221.40.

I have purchased a 3 month subscription. This is my first box.

Where does it post to?

Native Box is an Australian based subscription that offers international shipping. Hooray!

Was it worth it?

Yes. This was a super fun box to open. So many goodies, there was 10 products in total. I think that is the most amount of items I have received in a subscription box. I paid $19.95 for the box and this is the first box in my three month subscription. I estimated that the samples were worth $20.30 cents. So it was pretty much on value for what I paid and I got to try lots of cool new products. This box has an eco-friendly and healthy theme which made me feel pretty good. I love that warm fuzzy feeling you get from saving the planet and taking care of yourself.

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