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Newborn bedtime routine

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Newborn bedtime routine

Those early days with a newborn can be pretty tough. I found having a simple bedtime routine made me feel a little more in control of the situation. So when Chloe was a newborn I did the following mini bedtime routine:

  • Fresh nappy (obviously)
  • Leg massage (I didn’t use any special technique – just what I thought would feel nice)
  • Pajamas on
  • Lavender spray around the cot (mostly for me) – ThisWorks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is a good one
  • Bedtime story – Guess How Much I Love You was one of our early favourites
  • Feed

We found this routine helped Chloe know that it was now time for sleep. However you should be warned that newborns wake up, a lot!! They need to feed their little bellies. So you won’t be getting much sleep. Sorry…

Getting a crying newborn baby to go to sleep

Unfortunately you will find that your newborn baby will cry a lot, generally the crying stage peeks at about 6 weeks and then starts to ease off. I found that the following helped me through that time:

  • Understanding that it is a completely different world for your baby. There is no snuggley womb or relaxing whooshing sounds.
  • Knowing that it doesn’t matter what you do – babies cry, it is there only way of communicating. So relax you are doing a wonderful job!

The thing that worked best for Baby Chloe was cuddling, while walking and singing. One sleep deprived day I made up this song to help pass the time, feel free to adapt and sing to your baby…

The windy wafts, the windy wafts
Poor Baby Chloe’s got the windy wafts
They don’t feel nice and she doesn’t like when she gets the windy wafts

FYI – the windy wafts is an upset tummy. Sometimes when I was tired I would accidentally sing ‘windy wasps’… Which would make me laugh.

I also did a lot of shussshing which is surprisingly very relaxing and would often send me off to sleep before the baby.

Baby sleepwear

Many newborn babies love to be swaddled as it helps stop the startle reflex from waking them up at night. You can wrap them up like a little burrito using a wrap or use a sleep sack. I love newborn sleep sacks as you don’t have to worry so much about your wrapping technique, you just zip them in.

For Baby Chloe, she loved a snug burrito wrap the first few days at the hospital. The nurses at the maternity ward are burrito wrapping experts!

The first night at home we put her in a sleep sack and she loved it. After that night she hated both sleep sacks and being wrapped up. So from then on we put her in a onesie for night time sleeps and for day time sleeps we just had her wearing whatever outfit she was currently wearing.

What are your best newborn sleeping tips?

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