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Our favourite toddler activities – aged 18 months to 20 months

Yesterday Chloe turned 21 months old. Yikes getting closer to two! It goes so fast 

Here are some of our favourite activities over the last three months (18 – 20 months). This is a follow on from our 16 month toddler activities post.

Pom poms

These are one versatile little activity. We’ve matched them, thrown them like confetti, poured them between different containers and played with them in water.

We brought ours from a local craft store. We only use the bigger pom poms in the pack. These pom poms from Amazon look good too!

How we play…

Colour matching – I picked up some paint chips from a local hardware store that are close in colour to our pom poms. I put the paint chips on the floor and we match the pom poms on top of the paint chip. It’s good to get a biggish paint chip. That way you can put more pom poms on it. We’ve also played this same game with her Tommy Hide N Squeak Eggs. So we match the egg to the paint chip.

Confetti – We both grab handfuls of pom poms. Usually Chloe just has two pom poms. Then we count ‘1, 2, 3 – go’ or ‘1, 2, 3 – wheeee’ and throw them in the air like confetti. This is even more fun with more people playing. The last two weeks Chloe has started the countdown herself – so cute!!

Pouring between containers – I just grab a bunch of things from the kitchen and we put the pom poms in and out.

Posting the pom poms – an easy way to do this is with an empty tissue box and then you just pop them in. We discovered a harder way the other day, we used a keep cup and took out the top part. This made a hole that we could push the pom poms through. I needed to help with this one, as it was quite tricky and you had to be precise. I used the words, ‘poke’ with your finger and ‘push’ it through.

In water – chuck them in a bath or paddle pool with some containers for scooping. It is surprisingly fun! I wish I had a little net to scoop them up with (I am on the look out for one). After water play time just spread them out on a bench to try and voila good as new.

Duplo – Farm Animals and Minnie Mouse

We got the little set of Duplo Farm Animals  when Chloe turned 18 months old.

Buy online from – Amazon $7.99

Book play – We use the animals and accessories to act out Maisy’s Morning at the Farm.

Buy online from Amazon – $3.99

Matching – We match the animals to pictures of animals in our First Farm Animals book.

Buy online from Amazon – $5.99

We are Minnie Mouse fans, so we also have the My First Minnie Build for $7.99. This is fun for building and changing the dress. Unfortunately the dog ate the yellow bricks that make up Minnie’s Shoes…

More matching fun!

We also like to do matching games with our Farm Animals puzzle pieces and First 100 Animals by Roger Priddy.


Chloe still loves colouring-in. We have been using a Minnie Mouse Giant Pad ($4.99 at Target). We colour on one side, then flip over and draw on the other side. These are loose leaf, so we just get out one sheet at a time. We also just use plain A3 paper that I rip out of a sketch book.

We just use normal crayons. But I only put a few colours in our colouring tub. Too many colours and it gets hard for me to keep track of where they all end up. Also the dog loves eating any that get lost :-/


This one caught me by surprise but Chloe loves dress-ups. So I try to incorporate that when I can. For example to accompany our Halloween books I put out a witch’s hat (party hat), wand and blue velvet wrap around skirt with stars on it.


We love bubbles. We’ve used a big wand and a little wand (like the picture below). I like the little wand as it makes it easier for Chloe to try to blow bubbles. She has more success. Note: it can get a bit messy – you will most likely get wet fingers and a bit of bubble solution drips on you!

Over to you

We’d love to hear what activities you are loving at the moment.

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