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Popbasic’s Isla Collection is now available

This week Popbasic’s Isla Collection went live.

I’m a big fan of Popbasic. I have brought three of their previous collections and I also purchased the Strawberries and Cream blouse that is due to arrive in March. Hooray!


The Isla Collection costs $75US with free world wide shipping and consists of the Cobalt Dream Maxi Skirt, Basic Black Tee and Vantage Point necklace.

Cobalt Dream Maxi Skirt
RRP $60

Basic Black Tee
RRP $40

Vantage Point Necklace
RRP $25

It is a cute collection and I am very tempted except for the fact I own a green maxi skirt from the Popbasic Sherwood Collection and a black shirt. So I already have a very similar outfit! Here’s me wearing the Sherwood Collection.

Read my review of the Sherwood Collection or my other Popbasic splurges/reviews.

If you use my referral link, you can get $15 off making the whole Isla Collection $50. What a bargain!


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