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Reading to your baby – 6 to 7 months old

I really enjoy reading books to our baby. I love to read in general and children’s books are super fun.

Here is a round-up of Baby Chloe’s favourite books for months 6 and 7.

Where is Little Fish? by Lucy Cousins

A lift the flaps board book about a game of hide and seek with different fish – stripy fish, twisty twirly fish, curly whirly fish, shelly fish, crab and of course little fish and mummy fish.

The flaps are quite sturdy. Four of them flip down and are easy for my baby to reveal if I pop my finger under the top of the flap. The other two she hasn’t mastered yet. One flips up and one diagonally.

The storyline is simple for a baby, the illustrations bright and happy and the last page mentions kisses. Which is a fun way to finish the book with kisses on your baby.

Black and White by Jane Foster

Baby Chloe has been loving this book since she was a newborn. It features black and white animals and flowers on a coloured background. The book labels and describes each object e.g ‘mooing cow’, ‘happy little penguin’ and ‘lovely flowers with dots’. I enjoy this one too.

Moo, Baa, La La La! by Sandra Boynton

She loves this book and I find myself quoting this book during the day. Especially when preparing meals as I may have put Chloe in her highchair and she starts to get a bit huffy, so I recite from the book ‘Rhinosaurs snort and snuff, and little dogs go ruff ruff ruff…’ It certainly changes her tune.

This book also ties in well with playtime. We have some bath animal farm toys and I can pick these up throughout the story and use them as props. You could use any farm animal toys that you have. I’ve also used chunky puzzle pieces.

The Pout Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen

This has been a favourite for a while now. However, now that she is older she has her favourite pages. So I often skip around and only read the pages that she likes. She doesn’t love the four pages were the Pout Pout Fish chats to his friends. She loves the ending of this book. It includes lots of smoochy kisses and she loves the purple fish and the Pout Pout Fish’s cheerie cheery face.

The Going to Bed Book by Sandra Boynton

Originally I was alternating between reading this book and Moo Baa La La La also by Sandra Boynton but lately I have been using this book as part of our bedtime routine and Moo Baa La La La as a book for playtime.

This book includes all the usual bedtime routine jazz e.g having a bath, putting on pajamas and teeth brushing in a fun way. I can see this book growing with Chloe as there is lots of things to discuss e.g the different animals and it talks about ‘on top’ and ‘beneath’ as well as ‘big’ and ‘small’.

Goodnight Sophie

When Chloe was born, my mum gave her a set of four Sophie the Giraffe books. This one is part of our bedtime routine and the other three I try to alternate them each week.

This is a simple but sweet book that goes through the bedtime routine.

This book is very pastel in colour and although Chloe has had this book since being a newborn, it didn’t capture her interest to just before she turned 6 months old. I think this was due to the colours being too light and she couldn’t see it properly as a baby’s eyesight doesn’t fully develop to about 6 months old.

What kinds of books are good developmentally for this age?

Every baby is different but you’ll find that babies aged six to seven months like:

  • books with animal sounds
  • lift a flap books
  • touch and feel books
  • books about babies routine – eg bath time, bed time etc.

You know how I just said that every baby is different? Well many babies in this age range like touch and feel books but my baby doesn’t seem to be interested in them yet… or I haven’t found the right one to keep her interest! So don’t worry if your baby is like this too. Just go with the flow and read books that both you and your baby enjoy together.

How I do it?

I try to read to baby Chloe everyday. The trick is to make it part of your daily routine. Sometimes I miss a day or even a few days and I try to stay relaxed about this and be kind to myself. I figure that if I manage to do it most days than I’m headed in the right direction.

If I’m organised, on Sunday nights I try to put a stash of 5 or 6 books by the reading chair in Chloe’s nursery. I’m using this cute little chair from IKEA as a place to stack the books.

I then put some on the floor and some on the lower shelf. By Monday lunchtime the books are sprawled everywhere.

I was using this super cute book stand from IKEA. But now Chloe keeps trying to pull up on it and it is tipping onto her. Ops! So I’m going to have to put that in the cupboard until she is a bit older.

Why do I have books everywhere? So that she can work on her book handling skills. Being able to hold a book and turn the pages is an important pre-reading skill. Although at the moment all she does is pick them up and chew on the corners, yummy!

The challenges of reading to a 6 – 7 month old baby

Chloe often likes to chew on the book. If this happens I either let her chew it and select another book to read to her or I swap the book for a teether type toy. I often have a little playgro giraffe hanging on the edge of the chair for just this situation, you can get similar Bright Starts one from Amazon. During her bedtime routine I have a teether from Nuby ready to go, she loves this thing and it is sooo cheap!

I’ve also found that Chloe likes to turn the book around and flip back to the front cover. I think she is trying to figure out how all these pictures fit inside the book. When this happens I sometimes stop reading to point out the front cover, back cover and spine of the book or if I’m feeling a bit sleep deprived I just let her play with the book for a bit and once she has stopped spinning it around I begin reading it again. Understanding that the book is made up of a front cover, back cover and spine is also an important pre-reading skill.

Sometimes Chloe will stop paying attention and start investigating the arm of the chair. If this happens I might swap to another book or keep reading depending how far into the book I am. If it is a favourite book, she seems to look back to the book as I get to her favourite parts.

The Pout Pout Fish is quite a long narrative for a baby and when I first started reading it to her I would read just a few pages until eventually we worked up to reading the whole book. And then I could read the whole book no problems but now sometimes as I mentioned earlier, she likes to skip through to her favourite pages and that is perfectly ok!

Over to you

I’d love to hear what books you are reading with your baby. So please let me know in the comments your fave books and the age of your baby.

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