Her Fashion Box review October 2013

Her Fashion Box review October 2013

This is my second Her Fashion Box, I am a bit disappointed with the fashion items in this box. I loved the sequined clutch in the September box but none of the fashion items in the October Box appeal to me ๐Ÿ™

I subscribed to the ‘Femine’ style. You also have the option of ‘Classic’ or ‘Trendy’. Each box gets the same items but in a different style or colour.

First look…

Underneath the mini mag everything seemed to just be thrown in randomly ๐Ÿ™

The products

Alectrona necklace
Her Fashion Box values this at $29.95

Her Fashion Box says – “Turn to the sun and feel that summer rush. Feeling heavenly yet? Well it’s time to accessorise with these warm and peacefully toned necklaces, featuring sun and sky colours of electric crimson and teal on one necklace and rainy tones of soft teal and cobalt blue on the other. Infuse all your summer looks with this goddess aesthetic by pairing the necklace with floaty gypsy skirts, shift dresses and sandals and big boho hats.”

This necklace comes in either red or blue. I got the blue version. I am not sure how they decide who gets which colour. Personally I think this necklace is ugly and I would never buy it. However in the spirit of being a good sport I will try to find something to wear it with!

Shot Through The Heart ring
Her Fashion Box values this at $7.95

Her Fashion Box says – “Bring a lil’ passion to your fingertips with this heart themed ring.”

This feels super cheap and looks like a trinket you might give a 10 year old. This ring is super tiny, I can barely get it on my ring finger. I am totally unimpressed with this item.

Turquoise Is A Girl’s Best Friend adjustable ring
Her Fashion Box values this at $24.95

Her Fashion Box says – “The cool blue hue of turquoise makes this ring the perfect girly addiction to your summer wardrobe. The hint of silver on the sleek oval-shaped piece lends an unforgettable shiny contrast, while the stone – the real scene stealer – goes with so many of your feminine colours. Try the ring with a bright coral kaftan to bring out the electrifying hue, or accessorise a white hippy blouse with pale pink pants.”

Ok now this is really stupid because the heart ring is too small and then the turquoise ring is too big. Ummmm get your stuff together guys!

Revitanail Triple Strength in Cashmere and Graphite
Sample size 2 x 14ml bottles
Sample value $14.95 each

Last night I tried the Cashmere on my finger nails. It goes on quite smoothly. I applied two coats as directed and my new Julep Top Coat. Unfortunately within 24 hours I had lost one whole fingernail worth of paint and three other nails were badly chipped. I’m not sure if it was the Revitanail or the Top Coat, so I’ll have to do some more experimenting.

tea with benefits, skin bright oh my! evening tea
Sample size 15 grams
Sample value $12 (guesstimation)

Her Fashion Box says – “We’ve all heard of detoxing, but we’ve fallen well and truly in love with teatoxing thanks to Tea with Benefits! Their 100% organic herbal teatox plans are tailored to rejuvenate you, for total mind and body wellness. Whether it be weight loss, stress relief, improved complexion, more sleep or a general overhaul, rediscover your fabulous with a Tea with Benefits plan.”

I love tea. So I was super excited to try this. It reminded me of an earl grey tea without milk, which was great. Initially I was a little worried that it would taste horrible. I have tried some complexion boosting teas before and they were a challenge to drink. Complexion wise, I think I’d have to try this for two or three months to decide if it made a difference to my skin.

Her Fashion Box tea strainer
Sample value $3

As a tea lover, I think that you can never have too many tea strainers. So hooray for me!

Lonvitalite Collagen Eye Mask
Sample size 1 pair
Sample value $4

Her Fashion Box says – “Even if you are in your blossoming 20’s and not even thinking about your wrinkle-count yet, too many women neglect the area, resulting in UV damage, a sagging dehydrated skin and and aged appearance later on in life. Lonvitalite’s Collagen Eye Masks hold the key to maintaining a gorgeous, youthful look!”

Ohhh this was so relaxing. The eye masks feels nice and cooling. I left them on for 20 minutes and when I took it off underneath my eyes felt plump and refreshed. This is the second Lonvitalite product I’ve tried through Her Fashion Box. In September’s box I received a Lonvitalite C2 Collagen Firming and Moisturising Facial Mask.

Ulta3 Matte Lipstick in Sahara Rose
Full size sample
Sample value $3.95

Her Fashion Box says – “Matte lip colours, unlike their glossy, shined-up counterparts, play down the intensity of a lip colour; making them perfect to rock during a lunch with the girls, a shopping trip or (if you’re really brave) glamming up your corporate-wear.”

I was pleasantly surprised by this lipstick. It packs a lot of punch for $3.95. The formula is nice and creamy. It goes on smooth and it doesn’t slide around. This has become one of my favourite work lipsticks this month.

Bonus gift cards

In this month’s box the following gift cards and discounts were included.

  • $30 HelloFresh gift card – HelloFresh operates in Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Central Coast, Southern Highlands, Wollongong, Newcastle, Canberra and Melbourne.
  • $50 StyleRocks gift certificate – wow StyleRocks is expensive the cheapest category is $200 and under. I did see some cute pearl earrings for $89 though. So the gift certificate would make them $39.
  • Her Fashion Box discount code – Share with a friend. Your friend gets their first box for $19.95 and you get an extra bonus in your next box. My discount code is ‘HFB Love’ if anyone wants a box for $19.95!


How much does it cost?

Her Fashion Box costs $39.95 per month. Which as far as subscription boxes cost is a lot of moolah. You receive 3 on-trend fashion accessories, 4 beauty and lifestyle deluxe samples and Her Fashion magazine. They are also now offering the Her Fashion Boxette for $24.95 per month. You receive 2 on-trend fashion accessories and 2 beauty and lifestyle deluxe samples.

Where does it post to?

Her Fashion Box is only available in Australia. Sorry international readers!

Was it worth it?

The value of the box is $115 (I didn’t include the value of the gift cards).ย  Which is good value but for me none of the jewellery items were a hit, so that really doesn’t make it good value ๐Ÿ™

I did enjoy the tea, lipstick and eye mask. Which value wise is only $20, half the price of the box.

I will be sticking around for another month though. I did really love both the Tiffany style bracelet and the sequin clutch from September, so I am hopeful that the November box will redeem Her Fashion Box for me.

GIVE AWAY – Also if anyone wants my $30 Hello Fresh gift card please send me an email. First in best dressed!

Popbasic Serendipity Collection August 2013 review

Popbasic Serendipity Collection August 2013 review

The post office was kind to me on Monday and as well as Wantable I also received Popbasic.

This month the box was smaller than the Popbasic box I received in July.

Sweet another lovely handwritten note from Popbasic owner Maddy. I really enjoy the kindness she puts into her boxes.

Underneath the tissue paper, a super cute little black dress!


The Products

The August Collection featured a little black dress and some bangles.

The dress

I love the dress. I wore it the next day with my Rosalie necklace and earrings (from my Wantable box). The dress looked classy and felt of good quality. I liked the cute zip detail at the back and the roomy pockets.

I can see that this dress will be a staple in my wardrobe for a while to come.

The bracelets

I have really little wrists and the bracelets feel too big. I’ll try just wearing one at a time though instead of a stack to see if it feels any better. The bracelets are cute though. Sigh…

Bonus items

This month there was a sample from ‘Protect your Pumps’ – these are the guys who help people keep the bottoms of their Christian Louboutain shoes red. Amazing!

There was also a discount for Scratch nail wraps. Although when I went to the website I got a page error. However looking around their site, it looks pretty awesome. Has anyone tried nail wraps? Are they any good?

How much does it cost?

This collection cost $70US and this price includes free shipping world wide. Which is a lovely bonus! This worked out to $80.19 Aussie Dollars.

Does it ship to Australia?

Yep ships world wide for free ๐Ÿ™‚

Was it worth it?

Yes the dress is gorgeous and a well made item. It will definitely become a staple in my wardrobe. I’ve worn it twice this week!

The next collection Lost is coming soon. It isn’t really me. Which is one of the great things about Popbasic, you are able to just purchase the month’s that speak to you. If it doesn’t float your boat you just wait til next month. Which is what I will be eagerly doing!

Wantable review July 2013

Wantable review July 2013

Hooray! After what felt like a really really long time my Wantable Accessories Box for July arrived and I loved it.

Wantable use a style quiz to determine what items to send you each month. The profile is pretty detailed my profile is set to the following:

Love – classic, glam, mix ‘n’ match, earrings
Like – bracelets, necklaces, rings, headbands, scarves, silver tone, gold tone, multi tone, wood, acrylic, beads, leatherette, inspirational text
Dislike – rock ‘n’ roll, boho, urban, watches, sunglasses, skulls

The box was smaller than expected. However when I opened the box it was pretty roomy.

The products

Dilita Earrings
Sample value – Wantable valued these at $18

Wantable said – ‘Sometimes a little goes a long way. These cute studs are a staple in every fashionista’s wardrobe.’

I love these. They are classic and glam. Tick Wantable.

Rosalie Necklace
Sample value – Wantable valued this set at $24

ย Wantable said -‘Here is one of stylist Lara Eurdolian’s favourites! Wear this statement necklace with a strappy dress for maximum style.’

I would never have purchased this as I would have been too worried about what I would wear with it. However I wore this the very next day with a cute little black dress and some blue heels. It made me feel very stylish and trendy.

Sabina Ring
Sample value – Wantable valued this ring at $24

Wantable said – ‘This stacked glam ring is perfect for day or night! Go ahead, match your polish to the sapphire colored stone!’

This is the one item that I didn’t love. It doesn’t quite fit, which is my fault as I put the ring size as 5. So it is a tad too big. Also style wise it isn’t really me ๐Ÿ™

Buchannan Earrings
Sample value – Wantable valued these cute Gatsby inspired earrings at $20

Wantable said – ‘Vintage styling is so fashionable right now. These earrings could be straight off the set of Gatsby. Make sure to wear your hair up so everyone can see your fantastic new studs!’

Again I would never buy these as I’d be too scared about whether I could pull them off but they are really fabulous on. Totally glam and on trend with the Gatsby look that I keep seeing everywhere. So I will be wearing these too!

How much does it cost?

Wantable costs $36 for a monthly subscription that you can cancel at anytime or $40 for a one off box. Shipping to Australia is $9.

TOTAL COST $45 US (on today’s dollar that makes it $50.43 Aussie dollars)

How long did it take to get to Australia?

It took a whole month to get here but apparently there was some kind of shipping delay with Australia Post. So hopefully next time it gets here quicker.

Are these products available in Australia or through Australian suppliers?

These products are sourced for Wantable. You could get similar products at Diva or Lovisa.

Was it worth it?

When I got the box I was scared to open it, in case I didn’t like the items. But I was really happy with what I got. The blue Rosalie earrings and necklace set I wore the next day to work and then the following day I wore the cute Dilita Earrings.

At Diva a similar set of items would cost :
Dilita earrings $9.95
Rosalie statement necklace $19.95 – $29.95
Rosalie earrings $9.95
Buchannan earrings $12.95
Sabina Ring $9.95
TOTAL $62.75 – $72.75

So the box works out $10 – $20 cheaper than buying products at Diva.

I have a confession though, this works really well for me because I get purchase anxiety when buying accessories. I have a lot of trouble making a decision and can spend ages wandering around the store without buying anything. So to have stuff set to me based on my preferences is really awesome. I’m hoping that next month is just as good for me ๐Ÿ™‚