Popbasic Cobalt Leather Cluth and Ariel Collection – March 2015

Popbasic Cobalt Leather Cluth and Ariel Collection – March 2015

Maddie from Popbasic is really feeling the cobalt blue at the moment.

This Wednesday the Cobalt Leather Clutch was launched. It costs $85US and also comes with a free surprise piece of jewellery. Use my Popbasic referral link to get $15 off. This makes the clutch $70US.

Next week the Ariel Collection will be launched. The Ariel Collection consists of two necklaces and a charcoal grey singlet.

A few weeks ago the Isla Collection was launched with that beautiful blue skirt that I am still really tempted to get. The Isla Collections costs $75US. Use my Popbasic referral link to save $15, this brings the price down to $60US. What a bargain!

Popbasic discount code – get $15 off anything at Popbasic by using my Popbasic referral link.


Popbasic’s Isla Collection is now available

Popbasic’s Isla Collection is now available

This week Popbasic’s Isla Collection went live.

I’m a big fan of Popbasic. I have brought three of their previous collections and I also purchased the Strawberries and Cream blouse that is due to arrive in March. Hooray!


The Isla Collection costs $75US with free world wide shipping and consists of the Cobalt Dream Maxi Skirt, Basic Black Tee and Vantage Point necklace.

Cobalt Dream Maxi Skirt
RRP $60

Basic Black Tee
RRP $40

Vantage Point Necklace
RRP $25

It is a cute collection and I am very tempted except for the fact I own a green maxi skirt from the Popbasic Sherwood Collection and a black shirt. So I already have a very similar outfit! Here’s me wearing the Sherwood Collection.

Read my review of the Sherwood Collection or my other Popbasic splurges/reviews.

If you use my referral link, you can get $15 off making the whole Isla Collection $50. What a bargain!



Popbasic sneak peeks March and April 2014

Popbasic sneak peeks March and April 2014

If you didn’t already know I am a huge fan of Popbasic! I love their collections. The Basic Little Black Dress from the Serendipity Collection and the Emerald Maxi Skirt from the Sherwood Collection are in high rotation in my wardrobe.

Previous items that I love



Ashbury Collection

Upcoming collections include March’s Ashbury Collection to be released soon. The Ashbury Collection includes a black tank, black skirt and the Gwen Collar Necklace (which was also in the Sherwood Collection).

Photo from Popbasic’s Facebook page


April Collection

The April Collection includes a white tee, grey scarf and grey leather clutch.

Photo from Popbasic’s Facebook page
Popbasic Melodie review – December 2013

Popbasic Melodie review – December 2013

Hooray! I was super excited to receive the Popbasic Melodie Collection with plenty of days to spare before Christmas. The dress made the perfect Christmas Day outfit, so I was super glad it arrived in time.

First look

The products

Melodie Dress
RRP $75

Popbasic says – ‘Inspired by the beautiful costumes from The Nutcracker, this dress is a staple any time of the year. Pair it with your prettiest jewellery during the festive season, or with sandals for the Summer. Lined. Elastic waistband. 100% chiffon polyester.’

The dress wasn’t as bright as I thought it would be. It is more of an orange red than a Christmas red but I have decided that’s more practical anyway! A soft red is way easier for me to wear than a bright out there red. I love that you can either wear the frills at the front or at the back. I wore it with the frills front for Christmas Day. I felt super christmassy šŸ™‚

Sugar Plum Earrings
RRP $15

Popbasic says – ‘A lovely, yet simple alternative to a statement necklace. Pair with your Melodie Dress and coat to the ballet, or with patent pumps for New Year festivities. Studs. 100% alloy and acrylic stone.’

Ohh pretty! These definitely fit either a night at the ballet or New Years sparkle. I wore these on Christmas Day to match the dress. These earrings are unlike anything I own already, which is always a thumbs up in my books.

How much does it cost?

This collection cost $70US and this price includes free shipping world wide. Which is a lovely bonus! This worked out to $80.19 Aussie Dollars.

Does it ship to Australia?

Popbasic ships world wide for free šŸ™‚

Was it worth it?

Yes I love having a new dress for Christmas Day! The dress is well made and feels nice. It will definitely get a few outings to coffee with the girls or a trip to the ballet. I love the ballet šŸ™‚