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Toddler Book Club May 2019 review – Gaston by Kelly DiPucchio and Dogs Look & Learn by National Geographic Kids

Last month Chloe turned 16 months old and we read two books about dogs as part of our Toddler Book Club.

If you are curious about what we are planning to read in upcoming months you can see the whole list of books we are reading for 2019 here.

Gaston by Kelly DiPucchio and Christian Robinson

This is a beautiful book with lovely pictures by illustrator Christian Robinson. The style has visible brush strokes and it is quite elegant capturing that frenchy vibe.

The text is nice to read aloud and it has a number of words that I wouldn’t use in everyday language e.g. tender and brutish.

I also liked that this book highlighted the importance of effort as research into praise has shown that it is more useful to praise effort than results in developing resilient and happy children.

“Whatever the lesson, Gaston, always worked the hardest, practised the longest, and smiled the biggest.”

This book made my toddler laugh

Chloe thinks it is hilarious when Gaston goes ‘Ruff’ and then on the next page when he says ‘Whoa’ as he falls over trying to be graceful.

Walk with grace. Never race!

Should you read this book? Oui oui

This is a sweet book that covers many themes – family love and belonging, be yourself, french culture (in a subtle way) and dogs.

I loved the message that no matter what your parents will love you for who you are and that you are free to be whatever and whoever you want to be.

I’m really glad that I purchased this book and I’ve added Antoinette by the same author and illustrator and Last Stop on Market Street by the same illustrator to my wishlist.

Dogs Look & Learn by National Geographic Kids

This was our second bookclub book this month and I have to be honest I wasn’t really impressed but Chloe loved this book. I had to read it multiple times a day for about three weeks.

Why did my toddler like this book?

I think she liked the photography and she has a keen interest in dogs.

Why I didn’t like this book?

I felt like it had soooo much promise but the text was lacking. It was boring, didn’t always match the picture and I also wasn’t sure it was super accurate. Which is weird for a book by National Geographic to be lacking in accuracy!

What we are reading this month?

For June our Toddler Book Club picks are:

Both of these books were recommended in the book Baby Read Aloud Basics which I borrowed from the library.

Your thoughts?

I’d love to hear what you are reading this month and what you thought of last month’s book club picks. As I was a bit disappointed in the National Geographic Dog book I’d be keen to hear about books that feature real life pictures of dogs that your toddler enjoys.

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