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Toddler Book Club Reviews – June 2019 – Bus Stops by Taro Gomi and Jamberry by Bruce Degen

Last month my toddler turned 17 months. We had picked out to read Bus Stops by Taro Gomi and Jamberry by Bruce Degen as our new books.

June 2019 Toddler Book Club selections

Both books were recommended in Baby Read Aloud Basics which I borrowed from the library. The authors have written an updated book – Every Word Counts, published in 2016. I believe this book has updated recommendations.

Bus Stops by Taro Gomi (board book version)

Bus Stops is a pleasantly simple story about a bus and the places it stops at.

The stops include the beach, a construction site, the city, the hospital, a movie set, market place, junkyard and fair. At the end of the book, the driver parks the bus at the garage and we say ‘Goodnight, bus’.

We’ve had this book for about 5 weeks and for the first 4 weeks, Chloe wasn’t interested in this book. Then suddenly this week she had the realisation that the story was about a bus and she loves the song the ‘Wheels on the bus’. So in the last few days, we have read this book a lot!!

She is enamoured with the horse on the movie set spread. This is her favourite page to stop and look at.

She also enjoys pointing out the helicopter in the city scene and the animals (dog/cat) in the marketplace.

*We have the board book version. I believe that the original version also has a question on each page. Making it a bit like an eye-spy book.

I quite enjoyed this book and I’ve added a few Taro Gomi books to my ever-expanding wish list!

Jamberry by Bruce Degen

Jamberry is a rhyming book about a bear looking for berries to make jam.

This is another lovely book but Chloe hasn’t seemed too interested yet. We have read it a few times but it hasn’t been a favourite.

She does enjoy the page with the strawberry ponies but she doesn’t stick through with the book to the end. I’m going to wait a few weeks and get it out again. I think she will like it eventually.

Personally I love it, it’s fun to read. I love the page with the Razzamatazzberry!

What we are reading for July 2019?

Our July 2019 Toddler Book Club books are:

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What have you been reading?

I’d love to know if your thoughts on both these books or any books you’ve been enjoying reading with your toddler.

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