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Toddler Book Club – September 2019 – Daddy’s Sandwich and LMNO Peas

For the month of September our two Joy in the Post Toddler Book Club picks were Daddy’s Sandwich by Pip Jones and illustrated by Laura Hughes, and LMNO Peas by Keith Baker.

Quick snapshot

In a nutshell for Chloe at the age of 19 – 20 months both were a winner!

Daddy’s Sandwich review

A cute story about a little girl who makes her Daddy a sandwich with all his favourite things – food and then other objects that her Daddy loves! His bike, camera, slippers and her drawings all go into the pile. The enormous sandwich is then finished off with her Daddy’s favourite thing of all – herself of course 🙂

Chloe identifies with the little girl in the story and calls her Chloe. It is super sweet.

At 20 months Chloe is starting to say a few words from the book as we read along. At the start she says ‘Daddy’. Then ‘Mmmmm’ when it comes to the phrase ‘Mmmm yes please.’

LMNO Peas review

This book is fun. I love the little peas, they are so cute.

This is a good book to introduce all sorts of different types of activities and vocations/careers. We have the board book and I would love to have a larger format book because some of the details are quite small. However at this age for Chloe the board book works a treat as it is sturdy, compact and a good size for her to handle.

I haven’t actually been focusing on the letters at this age, although I was super surprised today when she found and said the letter ‘S’ by herself. This is certainly the most entertaining alphabet book that we have read so far.

There is also a cute little lady bug hidden on each page to find. So that is fun too!

What we are reading for the month of October

This month’s Joy in the Post Toddler Book Club picks are:

Now over to you?

Have you read these books with your toddler? How did you go?

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