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Tyler Florence Fancy Box – March 2014 Review

This is the third Tyler Florence Fancy Box that I have received but the first time I have reviewed it!

I purchased this subscription at Christmas time for my boyfriend as he loves to cook and use all the latest kitchen gadgets.

As we are moving to a new house in a few months and our current kitchen is so small we are saving most things to use in our new kitchen.

The box



The products


Set of 2 Bamboo Servers
Valued at $21 USD

Tyler Florence says – ‘These bamboo servers are perfect for all of those warm weather dishes we’ve been waiting for, whether you’re serving salads, fruit or pasta.’

These salad servers look great. I’ll definitely be using them to serve salads with. The bottom half is painted in a glossy navy. It looks classy but relaxed.

Joseph & Joseph Expandable Trivet
Valued at $16 USD

Tyler Florence says – With the help of this trivet, you can serve from multiple hot dishes at once. Maximizing counter space is always a good thing.’

I love Joseph & Joseph products and this in no exception. This is great because we often run out of places to put hot dishes on the table or bench. I am excited to test this one out!

Cake Server
Valued at $6

Tyler Florence says – ‘Serve your party guests cleanly cut slices of cake and pie with this stainless steel cake server. You’ll more than notice the difference from cutting and serving with a standard kitchen knife.’

This is a very classy cake server. We don’t have one of these so it is a good addition to our kitchen utensils.

Round Slate Coasters
Valued at $12 USD

Tyler Florence says – ‘I love the rustic look of these slate coasters. They have a rubber base, too, so no need to worry about them scratching any kind of table-top.’

I have noticed that grey slate is very on trend at the moment so I am happy to receive these! Although a little scared of dropping them. I’m a tad clumsy.

Small Serving Board
Valued at $25 USD

Tyler Florence says – ‘This acacia wood board is great for chopping and preparing foods as well as serving foods to a crowd. Whether you’re plating cheese and crackers or preparing steaks for the grill, this board is sure to be of use.’

I love this. It feels nice, is a convenient size and will be super useful. I am a big fan of Jamie Oliver and Jamie is always saying to put foods on serving boards, so this will be great for that!

How much does it cost?

The Tyler Florence Fancy Box costs $39 USD plus shipping. Shipping to Australia is $17 which brings it to a total of $56 USD (on today’s Aussie Dollar it is $60).

How long did it take to get to Australia?

The box shipped quite fast and got to me within a week!

Was it worth it?

Yes. This is a fun box and it got us excited about our new kitchen. Value wise I paid $56 USD and I got $80 USD worth of products. Each item is going to be useful to me, so I am declaring this one a winner.

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