Umba Box review – June 2013

This is my second Umba Box. I loved my first one so much, I was super excited to see what was inside this one!

The box…

First look…

There was lots of packaging! I had to dig for the items.

 The Products

The June Umba Box included a cute soap and a boho style necklace made in India.

Bouquet Necklace by Mata Traders (value $28US). This necklace is handmade in India. I really like it and I have been wearing it on weekends with my Pop Basic Sherwood Collection top and skirt. The necklace is well made and also looks pretty just hanging up from a hook on my wardrobe door.

Handmade Shea Butter Soap in Close by The Soap and Paper Factory (value $8US). The paper packaging is very pretty and I didn’t want to ruin it but I had to get into the soap! This handmade soap smells of Sandalwood. It has a gentle scent and feels nice to use.

How much does it cost?

Including shipping to Australia and currency conversion the box costs me just under $38 a month. I signed up for a three month subscription, this box is month two of my subscription.

How long did it take to get to Australia?

It took about two weeks to get to me. You get an email to let you know when the box has been shipped.

Was it worth it?

The Umba Box is pretty much on value. It cost me $38 Aussie dollars and the value of the products in Aussie dollars comes to $39. The products have grown on me during the month. At first I was a little disappointed as I loved last month’s box so much. But I have been wearing the necklace and using the soap, so everything has been useful. The necklace is more unique than just buying something from Diva or Lovisa and it gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling to be purchasing a Fair Trade item.

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