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Wantable Accessories Box – April 2014

My April Wantable Accessories Box arrived this week. This month the lovely team at Wantable sent this box to me to review for free.

There are three different Wantable boxes that you can subscribe to – Accessories, Make-up or Intimates.

Wantable use a style quiz to determine what items to send you each month. My profile is set to the following:

Love – classic, glam, earrings
Like – mix ‘n match, bracelets, necklaces, scarves, hair accessories, silver tone, gold tone, multi tone
Dislike – rock ‘n’ roll, boho, rings, watches, sunglasses

First look

This month Wantable had a new box design and I liked that they put a little sticker in it with my name on it. Wantable are also now using cute little velvet pouches to store the jewellery items.

The products

Margot Necklace
Wantable values this necklace at $28USD

Wantable says – ‘The Margot Necklace is a stunning ceonfection of crystal-like beads and gold toned chains. Stype Tip: Pair with a simple buttoned shirt and stud earrings for a chic office look that’s never boring.’

I am not yet sure if I like this one or not, it’s the gold toned chains that turn me off. I will give it a run this week and see if I can be won over 😉

London Scarf
Wantable values this scarf at $22USD

Wantable says – ‘The London Scarf is a lightweight beige with a chic neon and navy print. Style Tip: Pair with a neutral top to let the neons pop!’

I am super in love with this scarf and I can’t wait to wear it to work this week. The print is gorgeous and I like that the neon is matched with more neutral colours, it makes it more wearable. This is my favourite item from this month’s box.

Traci Necklace
Wantable values this necklace at $18USD

Wantable says – The Traci Necklace features beautiful faceted gray stones accented with silver toned filigree. Style Tip: This dainty necklace is perfect for everyday wear.’

This necklace is very pretty. The silver and grey makes it very classic. It is more my style than the ‘Margot Necklace’.

Mane Squeeze Hair Ties
Wantable values these hair ties at $10USD

Wantable says – ‘The Mane Squeeze Hair Ties feature five coordinating elastic hair bands in neutral colors, making them perfect for on the go hairdo changes. Style Tip: Next time you need to run out the door with a boring ponytail, grab one of these chic hair ties to add a bit of pizzazz!’

Yay! What cute hair ties. I am happy to see these. Hair ties are one of those things I forget to restock. These are quite stylish and I like the neutral colours.

How much does it cost?

Wantable costs $36 for a monthly subscription that you can cancel at anytime or $40 for a one off box. Shipping to Australia is $10 (It has recently gone up. It used to be $9).

TOTAL COST $46 US (on today’s dollar that makes it $48.95 Aussie dollars)

How long did it take to get to Australia?

My Wantable boxes always seem to take about two weeks to get here from the US.

Are these products available in Australia or through Australian suppliers?

These products are sourced for Wantable. You could get similar products at Diva, Lovisa or Sportsgirl.

Was it worth it?

This month I loved the scarf, hair ties and Traci Necklace. I wasn’t really a fan of the Margot Necklace (which was the most expensive item in the box). However 3 out of 4 items still comes out as value for money. I really love this box because I get on-trend items sent to me each month that I didn’t have to spend time hunting for at the shops. This is a huge relief for me as I save time and can look fashionable each month with minimal effort.

Join Wantable to get your own subscription box.

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