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Wantable Accessories review – June 2015

I was pretty happy with my June Wantable Accessories box. I received four items that will add a bit of pizazz to my wardrobe.

There are a few different options when it comes to Wantable subscriptions. You can subscribe to Accessories, Make-Up, Intimates, Fitness or Style.
Wantable uses a style quiz to determine what items to send you each month. My profile is set to:
Love: scarves, necklaces, glam and classic
Like: hair accessories, bracelets, earrings, multi-tone gold tone, silver tone and mix n match
Dislike: sunglasses, watches, rings, boho and rock n roll
The idea is that you receive more of the items you love and none of the items you dislike.

First look

The products

Lily Scarf Ivory
Wantable values this at $24 US

Wantable says – This scarf is a lace infinity scarf. Style Tip: Wear with a floral top.’

This is a nice light scarf and I plan to use it to dress up jeans or with a pretty dress.

Ashton Earrings

Wantable values this at $16 US

Wantable says -‘ The Ashton earrings are a coral and mint stone stud. Style Tip: These earrings look amazing with a long coral dress.’

Well I don’t have a long coral dress but I do have a coral top. I wore the two together last night and it was a good match.
Abbie Necklace S
Wantable values this at $42 US

Wantable says – ‘This gorgeous necklace features shades of blue and glamorous stones. Style Tip: Pair with simple silver studs.’

Wow. This is a gorgeous statement necklace. I need to book somewhere fancy for dinner, so I can wear this :-)
Carly Bracelet G
Wantable values this at $16 US

Wantable says -‘This bracelet features an interlinked chain with a toggle closure. Style Tip: Layer with a watch!’

This bracelet is sweet but chunky at the same time. The ends of the toggle have little diamantes on them. Which adds a bit of sparkle. This bracelet is a great size on me and a classic look that will go great with my Basic Little Black Dress from Popbasic’s Serendipity Collection.

How much does it cost?

Wantable costs $40 US for the first box and then each box after that will cost you $36 US. Shipping within the US is free. Shipping to Canada is $6 US, the UK is $7 US and to Australia the shipping costs $10 US.
As I’m based in Australia, I spent $46US which on today’s Aussie Dollar converts to $62.95.

Was it worth it?

I really liked this month’s box. Everything in it was a winner for me and I feel like I got value for money. E.g. If I want to somewhere like Collette, I would have paid about the same. The reason why this subscription works well for me, is that I am terrible at making decisions about accessories and after looking for ages in-store I generally walk away with nothing :-( So this takes the pain out of that process for me and makes me look super stylish with minimal effort.
Who should subscribe to this box: Women who want to look stylish and on-trend with minimal effort.
Out-of-My-Comfort-Zone pick: The Lily Scarf is something I wouldn’t have picked on my own, but it is absolutely gorgeous on.

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