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Wantable Intimates – December 2013 review

This was my second Wantable Intimates Box.  There are three different Wantable boxes that you can subscribe to – Accessories, Make-up or Intimates.

Wantable use a style quiz to determine what items to send you each month. My profile is set to the following:

Like – pretty & polished, fun & flirty, lounge wear, accessories, tanks, tights/leggings, panties, camis, soft bras, neutrals and brights.
Dislike – hoisery, socks and shapewear.

The box

The products

Tomato Racerback Tank by PACT
Valued at $28US

Wantable says – ‘From PACT: This relaxed fit tank is perfect for anytime anywhere. A modern fit and drapey soft fabric elevate this tank from sporty to sexy.’

This is a well made shirt with a soft fabric. It’s a longish cut so it looks better with jeans or leggings, although that could be just because I am short! Great for lounging or sleeping in. I also like that this brand is keen to make a difference by using organic cotton and giving back to the community through a community gardens scheme. I love brands that make me feel good!

Coobie Hipster in Black
Valued at $14

Wantable says – ‘From Coobie: A beautiful & very well made Lace Hipster, low to mid rise.’

This isn’t my style. I’m more of a Bonds girl. I would have preferred some cute boylegs from PACT.

Fleur’t Bralet in White
Valued at $36US

Wantable says – ‘From Fleur’t: This comfy, soft bralet is the perfect thing when you want a little coverage while lounging around the house. The lace trim makes it pretty too!’

I was disappointed to see this as I got one in black last month 🙁 I am not a fan, as I said last month I thought it was too skimpy and the lace was itchy. However the is available through ShopBop, so it must be popular?

Coobie Comfort Bra with Lace Trim in Windchime
Value $22US

Wantable says – ‘From Coobie: A stylish addition to the Coobie Seamless Bra line – The Coobie Comfort Bra with Lace Trim! This super comfortable bra features extra wide, fixed straps that are sure to please. Also has removable pads. Made of the same extremely comfortable, stretchy fabric as the Coobie Seamless Comfort Bra. High quality lace trim around the neck line and around the bottom of the band. Fits slightly “snugger” than the plain version.’

I received this bra in last month’s as well. Except last month I got the bright calypso organge, this month I got a more classic grey. This is quite comfy and good quality.

How much does it cost?

Wantable costs $36 for a monthly subscription that you can cancel at anytime or $40 for a one off box. Shipping to Australia is $9.

TOTAL COST $45 US (on today’s dollar that makes it $51.08 Aussie dollars)

How long did it take to get to Australia?

My Wantable boxes always seem to take about two weeks to get here from the US.

Are these products available in Australia or through Australian suppliers?

These products are all available online through various suppliers. Most do international shipping.

Was it worth it?

The total value of this box was $100 US ($113 Aussie dollars). So value wise it is quite good. This month, like last month, I only received two items that I really liked. The Coobie bra and the PACT tank top. As I’d rather get four items I love each month I wrote to Wantable for advice. They let me know that if there was any items I really did or did not want that I could email them and they would try their hardest to fulfill my wishes. So I am super excited for next time! Although I am skipping this month (January) as I had a bit of a budget blow out over christmas 🙁 Ops!

If you’d like to get your own Wantable Intimates box visit Wantable to get your own subscription box filled with goodies!

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