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Birchbox review June 2013

This month Birchbox have revamped their look. The box is more simple.

First look


The products

Birchbox + Color Club Wanderlust Collection nail polish in London Calling
Sample size 7 ML
Sample value $2 US

Birchbox says – ‘ Exclusive neon pastel shades inspired by four of our favourite cities. Two coats will give you an opaque, glossy finish.’

I thought the green was a pretty groovy colour. I popped it on straight away. However it didn’t go on very smoothly. It started to look better by the third coat. So I am a bit disappointed in how it goes onto my nails. Looks rough. The green colour makes me hands look tanned and I do feel slightly cooler!

Kerastase Chroma Thermique – Protect
Sample size 2 x 10 ML foil packets
Sample value $5.60 US

Birchbox says – ‘A protective styling aid that keeps your color-treated strands safe from UV rays. Apply two nickel-sized amounts to damp hair and style as usual.’

Oh I’m excited to try this one. I did use Kerastase products ages ago and then I had to be a bit more budget savvy, so I cut back on my hair product spending.

COOLA Classic Face SPF 30 Cucumber Moisturiser for Face
Sample size 7 ML
Sample value $4.40 US

Birchbox says – ‘Mineral sunblock infused with organic evening primrose extract and borage seed oil. Smooth on a thin layer an hour before stepping outside.’

Smooth on an hour before going outside! That will be hard to implement. I usually slap my sunscreen on as I am heading out the door. I was a little disappointed because I don’t like cucumber and yes this does smell quite cucumbery! So I might pass this on to a friend.

Juicy Couture, Couture La La perfume
Sample size 1.5 ML
Sample value $2.10 US

Birchbox says – ‘A heady mix of mandarin, red currant, lily, and orange blossom. A single spritz on each wrist will suffice.’

What a joyful smell! Reminds me of the Clinique Happy Fragrance. I will definitely be wearing this on days I need a joyful pick me up.

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner
Sample size 1.2 grams
Sample value $9 US

Birchbox says – ‘Direct from the UK, this user-friendly liquid liner features a velvety smooth formula. Trace your upper lashes, or try your hand at a cat eye.’

I’m not really a liquid liner person. I’m more of a simple eye and bright lips/blush girl. So I may have to try this one out on someone else.

How much does it cost?

Birchbox costs $10 a month. I signed up for a 12 month subscription using Shipito which cost me:

$110 for the 12 month Birchbox subscription (you get one month free)
$8.50 for the assisted purchase (they purchased it for me as a gift as Birchbox only accepts American credit cards)
$8.80 the Shipito 8% commission fee
$4.73 the Shipito bacnk fees
TOTAL $132.03

Which makes it $11 per box over the 12 months plus shipping. This months shipping cost was tricky to work out. I tried to combine two boxes together and it got a bit messy. I’m going to say it cost $30….

TOTAL COST $41 US (on today’s dollar that makes it $44.45 Aussie dollars)

How long did it take to get to Australia?

My Birchbox was shipped on 10 June and received at my Shipito address on Thursday 13 June.

Getting this parcel shipped from my Shipito address to Australia was a bit of a problem. Usually Shipito has been really great but this time I tried to consolidate two packages together and it because really confusing 🙁

I decided to consolidate the package with my scrapbooking supplies. It cost $4 to repackage the two parcels together. I made the assumption that they would repackage it into the smallest box possible, but instead they just opened up the box with the scrapbooking supplies and placed my Birchbox inside (I knew this because they take a photo so you can see what they’ve done). I emailed to ask why the items weren’t placed in a smaller box. The reply was that the smallest box is a 17 x 13 x 13 inches. To be fair he did say that if they have smaller boxes laying around they will repackage it in that.

But if I wanted them to try and find a smaller box I had to put in a special request that would cost me $8 on top of the money I had already paid to repackage the products. I played around with the shipping calculators and I realised that if I repackaged it I would save about $8 but seeing as I had to pay $8 I decided to skip this.

So I choose to go with TNT to get the parcel to Australia. Then the next day Shipito emailed me to say that I can’t use TNT as the box contains make-up samples (liquid) and TNT don’t take liquids. I was so annoyed because they knew the whole time the box had make-up in it, so why give me the option of TNT.

I ended up choosing DHL which was more expensive 🙁 Once shipped I got the package really quick but it was just such a pain in the butt. All the back and forth meant that I didn’t get my box until Tuesday 9 July.

Are these products available in Australia or through Australian suppliers?

Two of the five are available in Australia or through an Australian supplier:

  • Kerastase Chroma Thermique – Protect is available through Strawberrynet for $54.50 (this is $8.50 more than it costs in the USA)
  • Juicy Couture, Couture La La is available through Fishpond for $76.12 (this is $6.50 more than it costs in the USA).

Was it worth it?

This hasn’t been my favourite Birchbox but it still made me smile and I love trying new things.

This month the box cost me $41 US and I received $23.10 US worth of products. So not the best value this time around but that was mostly due to my mix up with the postage!

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