Popbasic Cobalt Leather Cluth and Ariel Collection – March 2015

Maddie from Popbasic is really feeling the cobalt blue at the moment.

This Wednesday the Cobalt Leather Clutch was launched. It costs $85US and also comes with a free surprise piece of jewellery. Use my Popbasic referral link to get $15 off. This makes the clutch $70US.

Next week the Ariel Collection will be launched. The Ariel Collection consists of two necklaces and a charcoal grey singlet.

A few weeks ago the Isla Collection was launched with that beautiful blue skirt that I am still really tempted to get. The Isla Collections costs $75US. Use my Popbasic referral link to save $15, this brings the price down to $60US. What a bargain!

Popbasic discount code – get $15 off anything at Popbasic by using my Popbasic referral link.


StudioWedBox review – March 2015

Yay! I love seeing the StudioWedBox waiting for me in the mail box. This is my fifth StudioWedBox.

This month’s theme was ‘old, new, borrowed & blue’.

This month’s tip was to make sure you book your wedding officiant early, at least 6 months in advance if possible.

First look


The products

Value $4.33 US

StudioWedBox says – ‘Something Old… A vintage handkerchief is the perfect hand me down for your wedding day. Personalize it by embroidering it with your wedding date and this will be something you will keep forever, and pass on to generations to come.’

Well I would never have thought of a handkerchief. Probably nicer than carrying around a packet of tissues. Although I always feel a bit weird about handkerchiefs, I’d rather just use a tissue and throw it away.

After browsing wedding embroidery on etsy I’m feeling a little crafty so I will give embroidering this a go!

Boutonniere pin by Susabella
Value $19.50 US

StudioWedBox says – ‘Something New… A boutonniere pin, from Susabella, is a great way to your significant other involved when it comes to something old, new, borrowed, and blue. Not only can you keep this forever, but also maybe one day you can pass this onto someone else to become their something old.’

I actually didn’t know what a boutonniere pin was when I opened this box! Apparently it’s french for buttonhole and it’s a pin to help keep the flower on the groom’s jacket (as well as the groom’s men, father of the bride and father of the groom). So there you go. I’ll have to pay more attention to the groom outfit section of the wedding magazines!

This is made out of clay and feels quite nice. Maybe a little heavy?

Stubby cooler (Koozie) by Rook Design Co.
Value $6.58 US (based on a minimum order of 12)

StudioWedBox says – ‘Something Borrowed… You can borrow anything from jewelry, a veil, and even a garter! Since we are all about giving goodies (instead of borrowing) here is a fun koozie that plays a twist on this classic saying. Rook Design Co. has a ton of wonderful designs… Go check them out!’

I’m a big fan of the stubby cooler and I do have a bit of a collection going. It’s high up on my wedding favour list to do a stubby cooler, so I am glad to see a sample.

Value wise it costs $134US for 100 Koozies, which works out to $1.34 per item. That is pretty good value.

Ring dish
Value $10 (guesstimation)

StudioWedBox says – ‘Something Blue… Get creative when it comes to your something blue! A ring bearer bowl, from Down The Road With Me, can not only carry your something new down the aisle, but can make a great back drop for you and your new sweeties rings! You can also use this as something to place your rings in once you get home. This could be a fun way to introduce something new or blue!’

This is a cute little ring dish. I already have a ring holder, it’s a cute elephant that I got in a PopSugar Must Haves Box. I couldn’t find a value or the supplier for this dish online.

Freeze dried rose petals in bridal pink
Value $5.95US

StudioWedBox says – ‘Something to add… Once the kiss has happened and it is time for you to walk back down the aisl, freeze dried petals, from flyboynaturals, make a great option for your guest to toss, Not only do the look beautiful, they make for some great pictures!’

What a great idea! I wouldn’t have even thought of freeze dried petals. The website says these are non-staining, not slippery, all natural, eco-friendly and biodegradabl. So that’s bound to make the wedding venue happy. The rose petals come in lots of different shades and while they are based in the US, they do ship internationally.

Oh wow, a quick google and there is plenty of Australian suppliers for freeze dried rose petals. Who knew. These two supplier look good – Simple Rose Petals and Rose Petals by The Flower Factory.

I’d love to hear from anyone who has used freeze dried rose petals. How many is a good amount to get and how did you distribute them?

Extra bonuses

Also in the box was a coupon for The Garter Girl (this pink and ivory lace one is my favourite) and a cute 5 inch x 7 inch postcard from Five Dot Design.

How much does it cost?

US and Canada based subscribers have three options:

  • Monthly subscription $39.99
  • 6 month subscription $34.99 per month (save $5 per month)
  • 12 month subscription $29.99 per month (save $10 per month)

International subscribers (e.g. me!) pay $39.99 per month plus $10 postage. Bringing it to $49.99US in total, which on today’s Aussie Dollar is $64.78.

Was it worth it?

I love this subscription. It helps me to plan and think outside of the box. Every month it provides me with ideas and inspiration. Value wise this month I received approximately $45US worth of items plus the postcard and a garter 50% off coupon. So it is pretty much spot on what I spent.

PS – This month I’d love to hear what was (or will be) your something old, something borrowed, something new and something blue.


Wantable Intimates review – April 2015

There are five different Wantable boxes that you can subscribe to – Accessories, Make-up, Intimates, Fitness or Style. Note: the Fitness and Style subscriptions are currently only available in the US.

My Wantable Intimates box was a little hit and miss for me this month. I loved the cute pj set but I’m a bit over receiving items from the Real Underwear brand.

This month my preferences were set to:

Love – loungewear, leggings and bras
Like – lingerie, panties and socks
Dislike – tights/hoisery and shapewear

First look


Per Lei Lily Top in Pink
RRP $17 US

Wantable says – ‘From Per Lei: This ultra soft lace trim top pairs perfectly with the tap pant! This runs a bit snug so we sized you accordingly!’

This isn’t something that I would have picked for myself but I quite like it. I love matching sets, so the fact that it comes with matching shorts is awesome!

Per Lei Lily Tap Shorts in Pink
RRP $17 US

Wantable says – ‘From Per Lei: This adorable tap pant is the perfect match to the lace trim top. This runs a little small so we sized you accordingly!’

These are snug but cute. The fabric on both the shorts and the top is a little sheer but suitable for PJs.

Real Underwear Fusion Cami in Nude
RRP $28

Wantable says – ‘Beautiful seamless cami with Fusion technology from Real Underwear. This piece works great under anything!’

Ok, let me say that there is nothing wrong with this product. It’s just that I am over receiving items from Real Underwear. Last month I got a purple bralette, the month before a purple cami and the month before that a nude slip. So I will be giving Wantable that feedback 🙁

Was it worth it?

The first box costs $40 and then if you keep all the items in the box you get a $4 credit for next time. Making it $36.

I kept all my items from last month so I was billed  $36 for a monthly subscription and $10 for shipping to Australia.

TOTAL COST $46 US (on today’s dollar that makes it $58.80 Aussie dollars)

How long did it take to get to Australia?

My Wantable boxes always seem to take about two weeks to get here from the US.

Was it worth it?

Value wise I spent $46 US and received $62 US worth of items. Although I feel a little cheated receiving another Real Underwear item. I do love the pink matching PJ set though 🙂 I will be writing to Wantable to let them know I’m not happy with receiving so many items from Real Underwear! I’ll let you know what they say.

Read my previous Wantable Intimates reviews or subscribe to Wantable to get your own box of goodies.

Wantable Intimates review – February 2015

I loved my February Wantable Intimates Box everything was super soft and comfy.

First look


The products

Sparkling Grape Leggings by Nikibiki
Value $12US

Wantable says – ‘These leggings feature a wide waistband for all day comfort. They’re perfect for working out, lounging, or wearing with your favourite dresses and tunic style tops.’

At first glance I thought they were a nice colour but not really my thing. Then I put them on and I fell in love with them. They are soooo comfy and look super cute on. The thing to note is that the fabric is more like a stocking fabric. I was worried about putting a pull in it with my finger nails but it seemed quite durable. I couldn’t find this expect pair on the internet but they do have lots of cool ones for sale in other patterns. The plain ones start at $12 and the patterned ones up to $35.

Fusion Tank in Lipgloss by real Underwear
Value $32US

Wantable says – ‘This Fusion technology tank from Real Underwear is the perfect layering piece, and versatile too! Scoop neck on one side, v-neck on the other!

This is a nice soft and slinky feeling tank top in a great colour. It matches pretty well with the grape coloured leggings. I think it would also look great worn to work with a skirt and jacket set. I’ll be trying that with my grey skirt jacket set this week. It’s nice and silky so you could also wear it as a PJ top.

Teal Love Heart Romper by Dreamwave Pajama
Vakye $28US

Wantable says – ‘A fun and cozy romper, perfect for lounging. This Romper is perfect for lounging near a cozy fire with friends and family!’

OMG! I squeeled with delight when I saw this item. It’s a cute pj romper with love hearts. Awwww… How awesome. It has a soothing waffle (that’s what I think it’s called) texture to it.

How much does it cost?

Wantable has changed their billing system. The first box costs $40 and then if you keep all the items in the box you get a $4 credit for next time. Making it $36.

I kept all my items from last month so I was billed  $36 for a monthly subscription and $10 for shipping to Australia.

TOTAL COST $46 US (on today’s dollar that makes it $58.88 Aussie dollars)

How long did it take to get to Australia?

My Wantable boxes always seem to take about two weeks to get here from the US.

Was it worth it?

I really enjoyed the items in my Wantable Intimates box this month. Everything fit well, was comfy and easily fit into my wardrobe needs. I have changed my settings for next month so we will have to wait and see what I get different. I also put in a request for MUK LUK Sock Slippers. I’m interested to see how the request section works. If it works well I’m going to use it to request items that I need. Kinda like having your own personal shopper 😉

Value wise this month I received $72 US or $92 Aussie dollars worth of goods. So money wise this is good value. Especially when I loved all the items!

If you’d like to get your own Wantable Intimates Box visit Wantable to get your own subscription box filled with goodies!