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Our journey with Baby Sign Language from 11 months to 15 months

I’m an avid visitor to the library and when Chloe was 10 and a half months old I stumbled upon a book about baby sign language – The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Baby Sign Language by Diane Ryan.

I gobbled it up and it seemed to be destined-to-be. This particular book described 11 months old as the best window to start sign language and I was reading it two weeks before this magic window opened.

11 months old – our journey begins

So as the author suggested at 11 months old we introduced two signals to Baby Chloe – ‘more’ and ‘eat’. She also suggested ‘milk’ but as I was breastfeeding I thought it was a little confusing. So I just did ‘more’ and ‘eat’.

The book lead me to believe that because 11 months was the “perfect window”, she would start signing quite quickly. Well this wasn’t the case… but I didn’t think it was doing any harm so I kept doing it and I encouraged other members of the family to do it too! I also introduced ‘all done’, as I’d seen a youtuber that I follow Susan Yara do that with her toddler.

13 months old – My First Signs book

At 13 months I borrowed My First Signs by Annie Kubler from the library, just to use as a way to practice and learn a few more signs.

14 months old – she did her first sign!

It took three months (from starting our sign language journey) for Chloe to do her first sign. At 14 months, she started signing the word ‘more’. Then about a week or two later she signed ‘all done’.

15 months old – her signing vocabulary increases

At 15 months old she started signing ‘eat’, ‘sleep’, ‘book’, ‘rabbit’ and ‘cat’. Hilariously she also uses ‘cat’ to also describe meerkats 🙂

Teaching our daughter sign language has been a blessing and a joy to watch. It gives her so much joy to be able to communicate with us and her little eyes light up when she masters a new sign. I am so glad that we stuck with it and next time I’d start signing even earlier.

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