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Toddler Book Club – October 2019

Happy belated Halloween! Over the past month we have been reading and enjoying two fab books:

Room on the Broom

We have really enjoyed reading this book. It’s delightful to read, has a nice rhyme, it’s perfect for Halloween, is a bit scary (but not really!) and has a plot twist. It also features animals that are familiar to toddlers – dogs, birds, cats and frogs while introducing dragons and witches.

This is probably one of the scariest pages! But Chloe likes to point out the different animals in the muddy monster.

Her favourite word to say while reading this book is ‘wand’.

Note: It is quite a long book. I’d say the longest we’ve read but we do manage to read it through most of the time!

Usborne – Peep inside Night time

I brought this book as we have and love Peep inside a Tree.

I’d say this book is even better and timing wise, it has been great as Chloe is obsessed with the idea of sleep… Chloe sleeping, Mummy sleeping, Daddy sleeping, Lulu (our dog) sleeping, birds sleeping etc. I’d like to say this means we sleep a lot. We don’t! This week has been especially sleepless with Chloe deciding that 5am is the new 6.00am.

Chloe has been signing ‘sleep’ since she was about 13 or 14 months old. At her daycare they have a sleep chart in the sleep room describing everyone’s sleep times and routines. Under the time section – Chloe’s reads ‘As needed’. Which cracks me up. Everyone else has specific times and routines but my little bugalug does her own thing each and every day…

So this book has a mix of activities that happen at night-time and early in the morning – sleeping, baking, nocturnal animals (bats, owls, mice, frogs and foxes) awake and busy, trains at night, early morning produce markets (fruit, veggies and flowers) and a cafe getting early morning deliveries.

Chloe has lots to say during this book ‘baby sleeping, mummy sleeping, daddy sleeping, Chloe sleeping, doggy sleeping, baby fox, birds sleeping, owl sleeping.’ It is probably the first book where she has had lots of words to say as we read it.

November book club reads

For the month of November we are reading:

Your thoughts

I’d love to hear if you’ve read these books and also what your current favourites are?

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